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Moving SVN Folders

rajeshkumar created the topic: Moving SVN Folders Moving SVN Folders www.placona.co.uk/539/technology/moving-svn-folders/ Regards, Rajesh Kumar Twitt me @ twitter.com/RajeshKumarIn

Copy only certain SVN revisions from one repositor

rajeshkumar created the topic: Copy only certain SVN revisions from one repositor To extract a set of revisions (nn to mm) from a repository: svnadmin dump –incremental -r nn:mm /path/to/repository > /path/to/dumpfile.svn The –incremental option allows you to merge this set of changes without bringing the entire baseline along with the import. To apply those… Read More »

Integrate Bugzilla with SVN

amitanand123 created the topic: Integrate Bugzilla with SVN I need to integrate Bugzilla with SVN and for this i found a tool called SCMBUG. I am facing problem while committing any code Problem is Command: Commit Modified: D:\Tools\LogTablePurger\branches\abc\cm.txt Sending content: D:\Tools\LogTablePurger\branches\abc\cm.txt Completed: At revision: 1477 Error: post-commit hook failed (exit code 9) with output: Error:… Read More »

SVN query for auto merging!!!

vijayakumar.cm created the topic: SVN query for auto merging!!! I need a solution for this auto merging strategy in SVN. My directory structure: Two branches: /main_branch/sourcecodefiles /build_branch à copy of a main branch è Development happens only in main branch è no one will commit in build_branch My Requirement is: Whenever commit happens in main_branch… Read More »

ClearCase to SVN migration

vijayakumar.cm created the topic: ClearCase to SVN migration Hi, I have done the successful migration form CVS to SVN,now i need to migrate few projects from Clearcase to SVN. Could anyone please give some ideas on this? Thanks, Vijay rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re:ClearCase to SVN migration There were a couple of relevant talks at… Read More »

SVN – Bugzilla Integration

vivek2 created the topic: SVN – Bugzilla Integration Hi, Please help me some one that how to integrate bugzilla and svn. Regards, Justin sandeeps replied the topic: Re: SVN – Bugzilla Integration Integration of Subversion with Bugzilla is possible using Scmbug, a system providing generic integration of Source Code Configuration Management with Bugtracking. Scmbug is… Read More »

Configure LDAP in SVN

rajeshkumar created the topic: Configure LDAP in SVN There is one questions i got in morning. I am lil busy. Any one can reply to this….? Hi Rajesh, Can you please help me to configure LDAP in SVN,i checked with some of my friends but i am not able to understand that.If you having any… Read More »

Auto merge of svn branches

suresh created the topic: auto merge of svn branches Hi How to proceed in merging two svn branches. Is there any plugin or should we go with scripting. Can anyone give me idea on this. I used to do manual merge in svn or use svn merge command. rajeshkumar replied the topic: auto merge of… Read More »

Trunk vs branch vs tag in subversion or SVN

rajeshkumar created the topic: trunk vs branch vs tag in subversion or SVN Difference between trunk, branch and tag in SVN, CVS or Subversion Technically all three i.e. trunk, branch and tag are folders in SVN. If you are using tortoise SVN, a popular windows client for subversion, you can explore trunk, branch or tag.… Read More »