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Bug Tracking Tool in TFS

geethusri26 created the topic: Bug Tracking Tool in TFS Hi, Can anyone please share your ideas and experiences using Bug tracking tool in TFS. We are in process of migrating from Quality center to TFS so I need to know the pros/cons of using TFS bug tracking tool. If anyone has any documentation please share… Read More »

Hudson CI for TFS projects?

pankaj2252369@gmail.com created the topic: Hudson CI for TFS projects? Does any one had experience on HUDSON & TFS Integration? more light would be helpful. rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: Hudson CI for TFS projects? I have not done so but this might be helpful for you. wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/Team+Foundation+Server+Plugin if you are facing any specific issues, do… Read More »

Top 10 Continuous Integration Tools | List of Best CI Tools | scmGalaxy

Today we are present here with another interesting article which will help you to know about the best tools which are used for continuous integration in DevOps practices. Continuous Integration has become a mainstream technique for software development. Which makes it mandatory to implement it in your software development lifecycle (SDLC). But implementation of CI… Read More »

Software Development with Team Foundation Server 2015

Introduction Understanding the Feature Path from TFS 2013 Introduction Overview TFS 2013 Update Timeline Agile Tools Demo: Agile Tools Git Demo: Git Improvements Demo: Git CodeLens Demo: Pull Requests Testing Demo: Testing Features Summary Installing and Configuring TFS 2015 Introduction Install Options TFS Pre-upgrade Tool Demo: Pre-upgrade Process Upgrading to TFS 2015 Demo: Upgrade from… Read More »

Top 25 TFS Interview Questions and Answers

TFS Interview Questions 1) What is Team  Foundation Server? What does it cover – version control? build processes? bug tracking? task management? Team Foundation Server is defined in the documentation as: Team Foundation is a collection of collaborative technologies that support a team effort to deliver a product. While the Team Foundation technologies are typically… Read More »