run_list and env_run_list explanined in chef role

A run-list defines all of the information necessary for Chef to configure a node into the desired state. A run-list may include roles and/or recipes.

A run-list must be in one of the following formats: fully qualified, cookbook, or default. Both roles and recipes must be in quotes, for example:


When you specify the env_run_list in role and the chef-client will pick up the _default run-list if env_run_list[environment_name] is null or nonexistent. env_run_list is only for roles.The env run list is an override, so it totally replaces the default non-env run list if the env matches.

 "name": "webserver",
 "default_attributes": {
 "json_class": "Chef::Role",
 "env_run_lists": {
 "production": [],
 "preprod": [],
 "test": [ "role[base]", "recipe[apache]" "recipe[apache::copy_test_configs]" ],
 "dev": [ "role[base]", "recipe[apache]", "recipe[apache::copy_dev_configs]" ]
 "run_list": [ "role[base]", "recipe[apache]" ],
 "description": "The webserver role",
 "chef_type": "role",
 "override_attributes": {


  • “webserver” is the name of the role
  • “env_run_lists” is a hash of per-environment run-lists for production, preprod, test, and dev
  • “production” and “preprod” use the default run-list because they do not have a per-environment run-list
  • “run_list” defines the default run-list


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