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Q1. Is there any certification for DevOps?

Ans. As you inquired about “Certification for DevOps”. So, let me inform you that DevOps is a culture and it cannot be certified or there is no any specific certification for it. It is free form approach which can be implemented by the team with principles and automation tools and best practices of it. It’s something where each individual of the Dev team and Operations team were involved they work together in collaboration to create quality products/applications without wasting resources and infrastructure in a short span of time. It’s not something which is created by one organizations or Individuals, no one owns it. Thus, It cannot be certified or any authentic certification from any specific Institutes and Organizations.

Q2. If yes,which certifications must a DevOps engineer possess?

Ans. As we already discuss about Certification, now A DevOps engineer can learn principles, different different tools and best practices of it which is used in DevOps work environment. Tools like Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Git, Maven, SonarQube, Jira, Nagios, Vagrant, Nexus, AWS etc.. are the most popular tool-sets these days. But be mindful, these tools sets are not for forever, in near future any new tools can be included or any tools can be excluded. Therefore, to remain effective as a DevOps engineer you must need to learn or practice on tools which makes Dev and Ops teams work easy.

But, to get expertise in DevOps culture and its related tool-sets you need guidance, knowledge, time and practice. So, for help you can go for DevOps courses and join good institute for help.

To help you out I can recommend one institute who provides quality training for DevOps course and its related tool-sets with the help of experienced DevOps trainers, instructors, mentors and coaches.

scmGalaxy” This DevOps institute is run by expert community of DevOps, Build and Release and SCM professionals.

There highlights

  • Known, Qualified and Experienced DevOps Trainer
  • Life time access to Live Interactive Session
  • Life time free re-enrollment to future DevOps courses
  • 80% of the class is consist of Lab by doing
  • Life time free access to all learning materials
  • Educating IT/Software professionals from more than 8 years

Upon Course completion you will get scmGalaxy certification that is industry recognized and holds value.

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