Sonatype Introduces Maven Studio for Eclipse(TM)

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Innovative Development Environment Enables the 3+ Million Maven Java(TM) Developers to Dramatically Improve Productivity

EclipseCon – March 22, 2010 – Sonatype, caretaker of the Maven project and leading provider of enterprise software development infrastructure, today announced Sonatype Maven Studio for Eclipse. The Studio is the only Eclipse Integrated Development Environment specifically optimized for Maven, the de facto standard for Java project and build management used by more than 3 million Java developers worldwide. The Studio accelerates developer productivity through a range of innovations including one-click onboarding — making developers fully productive in minutes rather than hours or even days.

“The process of onboarding new software developers is slow, cumbersome and prone to error,” said Mark Driver, vice president and research director in Gartner Research (NYSE: IT). “Lost productivity due to inadequate and ineffective onboarding processes is a ‘hidden tax’ that causes organizations to waste a great deal of time and money.”

Getting a new developer up and running can take up to a week of trial and error as they assemble a working development environment, struggling with project dependencies, plug-ins, preferences, and more. With one click, Maven Studio automatically installs and configures everything a developer needs to start delivering value to their organization.

With open source M2Eclipse at its core, Maven Studio for Eclipse will also deliver a number of innovations beyond one-click onboarding. These include:

* License management to ensure that all license headers and attribution files are present in the project, making the terms of the license legally enforceable
* Tomcat integration for rapid development of web applications
* Confluence Wiki integration, allowing developers to view and edit wiki content from inside Eclipse
* The ability to launch Hudson builds and monitor Hudson build status within the Eclipse IDE

Maven Studio for Eclipse also provides tight Maven platform integration, including support for Eclipse provisioning and workspace materialization, allowing developers to automatically install the Eclipse IDE, check out the project source and configure preferences. Maven Studio for Eclipse works closely with Nexus Professional and leverages its Eclipse repository support to make one-click onboarding seamless.

“Maven Studio for Eclipse enables a major advance in Java developer productivity, eliminating the wasted time of the typical trial and error process of assembling a working development environment,” said Jason van Zyl, CTO of Sonatype and creator of Maven. “Every organization using Maven and Eclipse will find the Studio indispensable to making a new team member fully productive.”
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