Apache Maven Gets Ready for Enterprise, Eclipse

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It’s exciting times for fans of Apache Maven. Developers who delve into both Java and Eclipse are the target for a new push by Apache Maven and its commercial backer, Sonatype, that aim to produce new tools designed to simplify use and encourage adoption.

The effort will result in the launch of Maven Studio for Eclipse, building on the open source M2Eclipse project. That’s going to be followed by the launch of the Maven Enterprise Suite, which will include an array of tools designed to serve as a one-stop shop for enterprise developers. Developer.com takes a look at the implications.

The Apache Maven project is used by over 3 million Java developers as a project and build management solution. Java developers also widely use the Eclipse IDE. At the intersection of Eclipse and Maven is the new Maven Studio for Eclipse announced this week by Maven commercial backer Sonatype.

“The primary focus of the first version of Maven Studio for Eclipse is what we call developer on-boarding,” Jason Van Zyl, CTO of Sonatype and creator of Maven told InternetNews.com. “What we found is that in a lot of organizations the biggest problem they have is trying to get new developers initialized and working with a new project — what we’ve tried to do is turn it into a one-click operation.”
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