AWS Reserved Instances Queued status means in AWS EC2 instance

When a Reserved Instance (RI) is in the Queued status in AWS EC2, it means that the purchase of the RI has been accepted by AWS, but the RI has not yet been created. This can happen for a few reasons:

  • The RI offering is not currently available in the Availability Zone (AZ) where you requested it.
  • There are not enough available RIs in the AZ to fulfill your request.
  • You have reached your limit for the number of RIs in the AZ.

Once the necessary RIs become available, the RI will be created and will be associated with the EC2 instances that match the RI’s configuration. This will ensure that you receive the RI discount for those instances.

In the meantime, you can view the status of your queued RIs in the EC2 console. You can also cancel the request to purchase an RI if you no longer need it.

  1. Order Request Submitted: When you request to purchase or modify Reserved Instances in AWS, the request goes through various stages. Initially, the status might be “Reserved Instances Queued,” indicating that your request has been submitted to AWS.
  2. Processing: After the request is queued, AWS processes it. This involves validating the request, checking availability, and making necessary changes to your RI portfolio.
  3. Completed: Once AWS has successfully processed your request, the status should change to “Completed” or a similar status indicating that the purchase or modification has been applied.