Complete Tutorial of Arrays

What is Array?

Arrays. - ppt download

Arrays are collections of data elements with a common name. Arrays provide a framework for defining and accessing several data elements with a single identity, making data administration easier.

When dealing with several data elements, we use array.

How many types of Array?

  • Numeric/Indexed Array:- In this array index will be represented by a number. By default numeric array index start from 0.
    Example:- $num [0] = “ScmGalaxy”;
  • Associative Array:- In this Array index/key will be represented by a string.
    Example:- $fees [“ScmGalaxy”] = 500;
  • Multidimensional Array:- Arrays of Arrays is known as multidimensional arrays.
    Example:- $num [0] [0] = 25;

Some Array Operators are :-

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