What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ansible?

Hi guys, today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Ansible. Here we will cover the all the components and factor which lead to advantages and disadvantages of Ansible. The Ansible is a free software that provide, formation running, and request based tool that let to arrangement as code. It mechanism on many UNIX systems, and can position both Unix-like systems as well as Microsoft Windows.

What is Ansible?

The Ansible could be a free software system that give, formation running, and request based mostly tool that allow to arrangement as code. It mechanism on several OS systems, and may position each Unix-like systems in addition as Microsoft Windows. It covers its own warm language to label system configuration. The Ansible was written by Michael DeHaan and settled by Red Hat in 2015. The Ansible is agentless, provisionally linking unclearly via SSH or in Windows distant regulative to try to its retailers.

What is the importance of Ansible?

The Ansible is incredibly valued and you’d exaggerate it with the instance once there ar four or 5 net servers to be organized and connected, and once there are over four file servers to be organized and connected. There ar submissions within the net servers and it relates the information servers at the rear. Currently the old-hat state pressures that you just undoubtedly tack these servers and grip them.

Motionless, these servers can have several application notifies. Although the system management likewise as by developers UN agency are developing the applications. Simply to assume, the opposite servers that the cluster has like DNS, NTP, AD, Email, etc.

How Ansible works?

Before we tend to begin understanding Ansible’s operating we must always initial get familiar with the language employed in Ansible.

  • Controller Machine: – The Machine wherever Ansible is connected.
  • Ansible Tasks: – The thanks to be performed by Ansible.
  • Ansible Inventory: – the info of servers to be achieved.
  • Ansible Play: – The Mapping of teams of hosts within the list and tasks to try to to.
  • Ansible Playbook: – The State is distinct, you wish the system to possess. It contains of all plays to be performed of inventory.
  • Ansible Roles: – It helps you to mechanically load connected files, tasks, and Ansible artefacts supported a better-known file structure. Once you cluster your content into roles, it gets simple to share and reusable.
  • Module: – The Predefined commands performed straight on distant hosts

The Ansible is written in python. It will the complete issue by linking distant hosts as expressed within the record file. It takes a thrust device to link to the host and shove out the little programs called Ansible modules that works the plays and tasks clear within the customer’s playbook on top of SSH.

The bulge on that Ansible is connected is that the restrictive node, additionally called the Ansible running node that panels the complete playbooks’ implementation. Once the affiliation, it eliminates modules employed in it.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ansible?


With such a lot of simplifications, Ansible will sure enough gift several benefits. Allow us to have a better look!

Simple to find out

The foremost mention among benefits of Ansible refers to its simplicity. The simplicity isn’t solely meant for professionals however additionally for beginners. It’s simple to find out, and so, users may learn to use Ansible quickly together with higher productivity. Ansible receives the support of comprehensive and simply explicable documentation.

Therefore, you’ll be able to learn the logic of Ansible operations and therefore the work flow in a very restricted amount. The shortage of a dependency system may imply that Ansible tasks execute consecutive and stop once characteristic a slip-up. As a result, troubleshooting becomes heaps easier, even within the initial stages of learning regarding Ansible.

Easily perceivable Python Language

One of the outstanding benefits of Ansible additionally refers to the language during which it’s written. Python could be a human-readable language and is the idea for Ansible. It provides higher facilities for obtaining up Ansible and running it because of the presence of Python libraries on the bulk of UNIX system distributions by default.

Python could be a extremely ideal various for administration and scripting tasks implying higher quality among engineers and system directors. Another fascinating facet of Ansible is that the facility of Ansible modules which will improve its practicality. The Ansible modules is written in any language. However, the necessary concern, during this case, is that the module ought to come knowledge in JSON format.

No Dependency on Agents

The next necessary addition among the advantages of Ansible refers to its agentless nature. Ansible manages all the master-agent communications through customary SSH or Paradiso module. The Paradiso module could be a Python implementation of SSH2 and is crucial for managing nodes. Therefore, Ansible doesn’t need any sort of agents put in on remote systems for making certain management. As a result, maintenance overheads and performance degradations cut back significantly by large margins with Ansible.

Playbooks square measure written in YAML

The use of Playbooks in Ansible is additionally one more reason for the key benefits of Ansible. Playbooks square measure Ansible configuration files, and therefore the language for writing them is YAML. The fascinating issue, during this case, is that YAML could be a higher various for configuration management and automation.

The superiority of YAML over different formats like JSON makes Ansible higher configuration management and automation tool. Ansible makes it simple to scan and supports comments. Most vital of all, it additionally includes the employment of anchors to reference different things.

Ansible Galaxy

Another notable entry within the Ansible best practices refers to the Ansible Galaxy. Ansible Galaxy could be a portal that acts because the central repository for locating, reusing, and sharing Ansible-related content. the simplest advantage of Ansible Galaxy is within the example of downloading reusable Roles for putting in application or server configuration. The downloads square measure ideal to be used in a very specific user’s playbooks and might contribute well to a rise in preparation speed.


After a transparent reflection on completely different benefits of Ansible, allow us to specialise in the setbacks you’ll be able to encounter with it.

Insufficient programme

The first entry within the disadvantages of Ansible is that the crude programme. Ansible was at the start a command-line solely tool. The primary effort of Ansible at creating a programme was with AWX graphical programme. The opposite part within the UI was the remainder end point that’s meant for easier infrastructure management.

Subsequently, the AWX became the Ansible Tower that may be an internet management UI. Ansible Tower offers visual management options and a team-based work flow instrument. However, the Ansible Tower needs sizeable enhancements. As an example, virtually eighty fifth of tasks that would be completed through the program line may be achieved through the UI.

You could conjointly stumble upon another mention of Ansible disadvantages arising from its UI. The failure of synchronization between the GUI and also the program line will result in conflicting question results. On a general basis, Ansible Tower continues to be within the development stages and will not do everything sort of a command-line interface.

Lack of any Notion of State

Another distinguished mention among the disadvantages of Ansible is that the lack of any notion of state. Ansible doesn’t have any notion of state like alternative automation tools like Puppet. Ansible doesn’t track dependencies and easily executes serial tasks and stops once tasks end, fail, or any error comes.

These traits aren’t ideal for users UN agency need the automation tool to keep up a close catalog for ordering. The catalo will facilitate in reaching a selected state with none influence of changes in environmental conditions. However, Ansible lacks it and presents a formidable disadvantage.

Limited Windows Support

The next distinguished mention among Ansible disadvantages is that the half-built Windows support. Ansible version one.7 supports Windows yet as Linux/Unix nodes. Within the case of Windows, Ansible employs a native PowerShell remoting instead of SSH. As a result, a Linux management machine is obligatory for the management of Windows hosts. The restricted support for Windows in Ansible presents one amongst the formidable setbacks with the configuration management and automation tool.

Ansible doesn’t have expertise

The lack of enterprise support expertise conjointly attracts down the charm of Ansible. Ansible doesn’t have a full-fledged operating expertise with giant enterprises like its competitors, like Puppet and cook (Read: cook vs Puppet). Although Ansible claims the power of enterprise-grade extended support choices, restricted sensible expertise reduces the irresponsibleness of Ansible.

Ansible is unaccustomed the Market

Finally, you’ll be able to note one amongst the foremost common entries in Ansible benefits and drawbacks as a distinguished reversal of Ansible. Ansible is unaccustomed the market, in contrast to its notable competitors. As a result, it doesn’t have an oversized developer or user community. What is more, the new presence of Ansible on the market implies the chances of undiscovered bugs, package problems, and edge eventualities.


On a final note, we will conclude that Ansible provides an easy and powerful package for configuration management and automation. However, Ansible is unaccustomed the market currently and should trot out competition from noted sources. The restricted quantity of documentation associated with Ansible will produce formidable setbacks for learning Ansible.

On the opposite hand, the growing interest in Ansible because of the adoption of Ansible by noted agencies like National Aeronautics and Space Administration may also flip the tables. The various functionalities of Ansible, like provisioning, orchestration, application readying, and security and compliance, show its potential. These capabilities of Ansible will translate effectively into a comprehensive DevOps tool. The long run course for Ansible would rely upon strengthening the benefits of Ansible whereas acting on the setbacks.

Thank you.

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Complete guide of Scala with Spark Advance training

What is Scala and why it is used?

Scala could be a programing language used for useful programming and powerful static systems. It’s object-oriented and runs on JVM. It’s the potential to interoperate with existing Java code and libraries. It’s powerfully thought of to be a static kind of language and doesn’t have an idea of primitive information.

What is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark could be a powerful open-source process engine designed around speed, simple use, and complex analytics, with APIs in Java, Scala, Python, R, and SQL. Spark runs programs up to 100x quicker than Hadoop MapReduce in memory, or 10x quicker on disk.

Why do we need Scala?

  • Scala is capable to figure out the information that is kept in a Distributed fashion. It accesses all the accessible resources and supports parallel processing.
  • Scala supports changeless information and its support to the higher-order functions.
  • Scala is an associate degree upgraded version of Java that was designed to eliminate reserve code. It supports multiple Libraries and Apis which can permit the computer programmer to realize Less Down Time.
  • Scala supports multiple type Constructs which enables the programmer to work with wrappers/container types with ease.

Applications of Scala

Some of the important applications of Scala are as follows:

  • Designing Web Applications and Web Pages
  • Spark Framework uses Scala to perform real-time data streaming
  • Concurrency and Distributed data processing applications
  • Scala supports both Batch Data Processing and Parallel Data Processing
  • Spark Framework uses Scala in Data Analytics

Frameworks of Scala

Akka, Spark, Play, Neo4j, Scalding are some of the major frameworks that Scala can support.

  • Akka is a toolkit on runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications on the JVM. Akka is written in Scala, with language bindings provided for both Scala and Java.
  • Spark Framework is designed to handle, and process big data and it solely supports Scala.
  • Play framework is designed to create web applications and it uses Scala in the process in order to obtain the best in class performance.
  • Scalding is a domain-specific language (DSL)in the Scala programming language, which integrates Cascading. It is a functional programming paradigm used in Scala which is much closer than Java to the original model for MapReduce functions.
  • Neo4j is a java spring framework supported by Scala with domain-specific functionality, analytical capabilities, graph algorithms, and many more.

Features of Scala

Type Inference

In Scala, you do not need to say information sort and performance come back sort expressly. Scala is enough sensible to deduce the kind of information. The come-back style of performance is set by the kind of last expression gift within the performance.

Singleton object

Scala uses a singleton object, which is actually a category with just one object within the supply file. Singleton object is said by using an object rather than the category keyword. In Scala, there aren’t any static variables or strategies.


Scala uses the immutability conception. every declared variable is immutable by default. Immutable means that you cannot modify its price. you’ll be able to conjointly produce mutable variables which might be modified. Immutable knowledge helps to manage concurrency management which needs managing knowledge.

Lazy Computation

In Scala, computation is lazy by default. Scala evaluates expressions only they’re needed. You’ll declare a lazy variable by victimization the lazy keyword. It’s wont to increase performance.

Case categories and Pattern matching

Scala case categories are simply regular categories that are immutable by default and complex through pattern matching.

All the parameters listed within the case category are public and immutable by default.

Case categories support pattern matching. So, you’ll write a lot of logical code.

Concurrency control

Scala provides a standard library that includes the actor model. You can write concurrency code by using actors. Scala provides one more platform and tool to deal with concurrency known as Akka. Akka is a separate open-source framework that provides actor-based concurrency. Akka actors may be distributed or combined with software transactional memory.

String Interpolation

Since Scala 2.10.0, Scala offers a replacement mechanism to make strings from your information. It’s referred to as string interpolation. String interpolation permits users to enter variable references directly in processed string literals. Scala provides 3 string interpolation methods: s, f, and raw.

Higher-Order Functions

A higher-order operate may be an operation that either takes performance as an argument or returns an operation. In alternative words, we will say an operation that works with another performance is termed a higher-order operate. The higher-order operation permits you to form perform composition, lambda operates or anonymous perform, etc.


An attribute is like an interface with a partial implementation. In Scala, the attribute could be an assortment of abstract and non-abstract ways. you’ll be able to produce traits that will have all abstract ways or some abstract and a few non-abstract ways.

Traits area unit compiled into Java interfaces with corresponding implementation categories that hold anyways enforced within the traits.

Rich Set of Collection

Scala provides an expensive set of assortment libraries. It contains categories and traits to gather information. These collections may be changeable or immutable. You’ll be able to use it in step with your demand. Scala collection mutable package contains all the changeable collections. You’ll be able to add, take away and update information whereas mistreatment this package.

Scala and Other Languages

The Name Scala portraits the measurability the language is capable of providing, currently you would possibly raise a question. Aren’t the newest programming languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, and Legendary Java not scalable?

The answer is yes, they are scalable, however with some restrictions just like the boiler plated codes like system.print.ln in Java. Scala is fictional to beat these limitations and minimize the execution time and quality of the code.

In the year 2006 Twitter was introduced in America and the developers used ruby on rails as their weapon of choice to develop this application, which later proved out to be a wrong choice when they had to manage the gigantic amount Big-Data that was dropping into Twitter.

Then they switched their backend to Java and used Scala as their new programming language to handle the massive information mistreatment Hadoop and Spark frameworks that worked in an exceedingly spectacular method.

Scope for Scala

Scala is that the miracle of the 20th century in multiple streams. It’s seen astounding growth since day one and it’s as expected it is one of the programming languages that are in higher demand. The stats below make a case for additional regarding the scope of Scala within the close to future.

About Scala with Spark Advance Training:

Scala is one of the most popular languages and enterprises that run on a Java virtual machine. It’s been with success deployed to production at corporations like Samsung, Verizon, Walmart, Twitter, and plenty of a lot of. Learning new ideas and dealing with Scala, which is able to cause you to be a higher and a productive computer programmer. Learning Scala opens doors to programming methodologies like useful programming and doing concurrency the correct method. It also encourages you to put in writing clean and testable code whereas writing less code at constant time.

Agenda of the Scala

Agenda of the Spark:


This advanced coaching has been ready for beginners to assist them to perceive the fundamentals of Scala in straightforward and straightforward steps. Once finishing this course, you may find yourself at a moderate level of experience in victimization Scala with Spark from wherever you’ll be able to take yourself to successive levels.

If you wanna learn more related to this topic, then I will suggest go and check out DevOpsSchool it is the best platform for learning.

Thank you!

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What are the Advance Features of Smart Build Tools?


Advance Features of Smart Build Tools

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