Is an SRE Career Right for You? Things to Consider Before Making the Decision?

Yes, SRE is the right career for me. SRE will be in the market for a longer period because SRE provides the solution of reliability, stability, and incremental improvements which will keep it in demand for a longer period.

That’s why SRE is a better choice for the long term and as a career. According to research, 33 percent of IT execs stated SRE/DevOps is the most crucial skill for organizations.

That same study found that 87 percent of those leaders say finding these professionals is very difficult. It also tells the demand in the market.

As SRE has removed the ‘Silos’, you can have fun working with other departments which can expand your knowledge as well.

And there are several reasons to consider it better Career purpose to be an SRE –

Higher salary: SRE engineers are getting good salaries than other engineers. if you like to earn, this might be a primary motivation or reason for following the SRE career path rather than a DevOps path.

You don’t need to be a technical expert to work in the SRE team. Basic knowledge will also work And the rest of the knowledge you can get from training under the SRE team. So more benefit in less thing can be considered much better than other.

More prestige: As it has been originated by Google it can be considered as one of the more prestigious jobs in the whole world.

SRE works in the collaboration with other departments, and SRE’s job is to maintain the reliability of the product, (which means less problem and efficient product) so it makes the working team images good in front of others on its own. So just because of the work, it makes the profile more prestigious.

Automation Mastery: With automation tools, SRE can scale easily and perform faster and more efficiently to remove the manual work as much as possible.

They can apply automation on repetitive tasks so they can focus most of their time on doing more high-value work and improving the product. Experience with automation tools is a priority and important for SRE candidates.

Site Reliability Engineers Are a Hybrid of Technical and Soft Skills: The skillsets of SRE are a mix of both technical and soft skills. Technical skill is necessary, but communication and collaboration are also important and it of course comes under soft skills because you can’t misbehave with anyone. The best SREs can do comfortably both things.

Things to Consider Before Making the Decision?

Rising Demand for SRE Talent – As it has been seen companies are realizing that reliability comes first is key to success somewhere. Downtime costs, customer expectations, and consistency.

That means a massive SRE craze is coming very soon. LinkedIn ranked SRE in the Fifth position in its 2020 United States Emerging Jobs Report, and it showed 34% annual growth.

AS digital market is increasing complexity are also showing their faces, so companies are hiring a dedicated team to solve the reliability concerns. That means as SRE is showing growth, it’s gonna dominate the 2021 jobs portals. In other words, there will be a rise in the demand for SRE talent.

According to, Maya Ber Lerner of states, “Increasing levels of automation will require smart ways to handle dynamic infrastructure and applications without losing control, and being able to track changes back to the coder.”

This will demand SRE best practices around observability, error budgets, and documented and automated incident management capabilities.

So This can be the reason for the increase in demand for SRE.

SRE Offers a Definite Career Path that Promises Steady Growth – Yes, SRE Offers a definite Career Path that Promises Steady growth, because SRE Plays a vital role in the Digital world by their monitoring and automation, especially to those who wants to run their operations efficiently so their products can perform effectively in customers hand.

And of course, it can be done perfectly through only SRE because it focuses on only operations works to solve the problems to run the product effectively in the market.

So just because of the nature of SRE, it will be in the market for a longer period and as long as SRE be in the Market, it needs engineers. So directly indirectly SRE provides good growth as per your skills.

SRE is the core of a successful business and most companies find they have a role pretty similar to SRE today in the world of software in the world of technology.

Your Key Responsibility Areas (KRA) as SRE Expert – SRE understands that failure will happen. Failure is just the nature of business. You can’t design the perfect system.

So SRE programmatically identifies potential failures and solves them ahead of time, and it is also good at identifying how are we going to solve immediate tactical problems.

So as an SRE expert you are responsible to monitor the product when it will be running in the market, fixing the issues, bugs, blot wares, etc with automation to eliminate the manual work on the same issue again n again.

SRE also gets the feedback and the actual real-time data of software functioning, and it gives it back to the developer team, so they can make reliable software and remove the vulnerabilities.

Monitoring and logging are just keys to SRE roles. So SRE’s in monitoring terms, they are keeping track of what’s happening in real-time. Logging is an archive of what has happened, so you can go back to examine it later.

So your monitoring going to give you the ability to anticipate failures and see them coming, so you can proactively solve them.

Logging is when you get an unanticipated failure, it allows you to get back and see what happened. You can do RCA ( Root cause analysis ) on it, and figure out how to solve it, not just for now but for the future.

Technical Skills Needed to Build an SRE Career – Some required skills are:-

They should know “How to Code”

They should have “In-depth knowledge of version control”

They should have “good knowledge of operating Systems”

Acquire knowledge of “Cloud-native applications”

Build a good understanding of “Distributed computing”

Acquire the “CI/CD implementation expertise”

Build an in-depth understanding of “monitoring tools”

Build “troubleshooting skills”

Build “Communication & Collaboration” skills

To learn all these skills you have to learn various tool-sets. I am going to mention those below which are used by various organizations currently. Problems Tools

1 Operating Systems – Centos/Ubuntu & VirtualBox & Vagrant
2 Cloud – AWS
3 Containers – Docker & Kubernetes – Helm
4 Planning and Designing – Jira & Confluence
5 Source Code Versioning – Git using Github
6 Webserver – Apache HTTP & Nginx

7 Configuration & Deployment Management – Ansible
8 Infrastructure Coding – Terraform
9 Services mesh Data planes & Control Planes – Envoy & Istio
10 Network configurations and Service Discovery – Consul

11 Continuous Integration – Jenkins
12 Securing credentials – HashiCorp Vault & SSL & Certificates
13 Infrastructure Monitoring – Datadog, Prometheus with Grafana

14 Log Monitoring – Splunk & ELK stake
15 Performance & RUM Monitoring – NewRelic
16 Emergency Response & Alerting & Chat & Notification – SMTP, SES, SNS,Pagerduty & Pagerduty & Slack

⦁ Where Can You Start Your Journey in SRE – First, You have to locate the nearest SRE organizations, which means those organizations which operate with SRE. Then you have to apply there to work as an SRE and remember an SRE engineer is non-other than a software engineer.

Before apply just go through the skills I have mentioned above there. There is not a specific platform to start your career as an SRE engineer. So just go like DevOps engineers do or any other software engineer.

SRE has already made a mark in the world and lots of organizations are allotting SRE engineers. So you can start your career in various good organizations.

Training place

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