Purely numeric name not allowed

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Issues : Purely numeric name not allowed.


This error can be happen when Purely numeric name is mentioned in Group name, Specname, Username etc.

This should be verified using “p4 info”

Also, check if following hostname has numeric value which was set in p4 info by default So you need to set P4CLEINT= in Linux and p4 set -s/S P4CLIENT= in windows.

If you found somthing where all pure numeric name, issues need to be fixed as Purely numeric name not allowed anywhere except jobs.

There are some more findings and supporting classes there…

Here is the class file validation in red which is not allowing you to go further.
// test for purely numeric name.
if (!$this->_allowPurelyNumeric && preg_match('/^[0-9]+$/', $value)) {
return false;

However, there are google results are found where users were able to fix the issues by disabling DHCP. I have not tried this and doubt about this solutions.
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