Perforce Server Installation and Configuration

p4d – Perforce Server
p4 – Perforce Client
p4win – Perforce Windows Client

Install P4 Server in Unix

  • Copy p4d & p4 in /usr/local/bin
  • Give permission such as chmod +x p4 & chmod +xp4d
  • Create Perforce ROOT directory such as P4ROOT=/usr/local/p4_directory
  • Give permission to P4 root directory and sub directory
  • Tell perforce server to use which port such as P4PORT=servername:1666 or p4d -p 1666
  • Startting Server with Command Line Setup. p4d -r /usr/local/p4root -J /var/log/journal -L /var/log/p4err -p 1666 &
  • Tellin perforce client to which port to listen such as p4_server_hostname:1666
  • Stopping Server e.g. p4 admin stop
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