How to solve throwing npm error “npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE” “npm ERR! errno 2” “npm ERR! @ dev: `npm run development`”

When you using “laravel 5.5” and whenever run command “npm install” then sometime it comes this type error.

Then run below commands –

Step 1-

npm install –save-dev cross-env

After that Your problem will be solve.

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ERROR Failed to compile with 8 errors (Running ❯ npm run dev Failed to compile with 1 errors Unexpected token)

When you using “laravel 5.5” and changes in “resourse/asset” after that run commands “npm run dev” then showing this error.

Then run below commands –


npm rebuild node-sass

Step -2

npm run dev

After that you project will be run.

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@php artisan package:discover –ansi handling the post-autoload-dump event returned with error code 255

When you using “laravel 5.5” downloaded project then showing this type of error, then first open terminal and got to project as below commands


$ cd project_name


$ composer update


$ composer dump-autoload

After that your problem will be solve. If will not be solve then below commands


$ composer require laravel/ui

After that run this commands. you project will be run successfully.


$ php artisan serve

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