List of software development company in Ranchi

“Ranchi” the capital city of State “Jharkhand” blessed with mineral resources in abundance, always known as an industrial hub of the east and famous as the “Manchester of the East”. Along with various industries, in recent years Ranchi has witnessed an explosion of service industries such as marketing, media, healthcare, education, and specifically in the software domain.

The potential of Ranchi as a future powerhouse of the country and emerging city for the IT Companies has been duly recognized in the recent surveys by “timesofindia”, with Ranchi receiving significant investments from various Software Development Companies after incentives offered by the government under its “Software Technology Park of India” (STPI) policy 2016.

As Information technology companies are one of the highest contributors to GDP growth and job creation, Ranchi also has witnessed a tremendous transformation into a dynamic city where currently 100 + Software Companies are operational. Surveys are also presuming that in the next two years IT companies in Ranchi will generate 10 thousand plus JOBS and Jharkhand will raise 30 thousand plus JOBS in the state for the Software developers.

But, the question is which IT companies are best in Ranchi for Software Developers JOBS or for any other purpose?

If you do search on Google for the best Software Development Companies in Ranchi you will find many Software Companies list on google results, but most of the time suggested results are those who have done better Serch Engine Optimizations.

If you are looking for the list of software development companies in Ranchi – this is the right listing to get the best results of top IT companies in Ranchi. These software companies are not ranked according to in position they have been randomly written.

  1. Cotocus:- Cotocus Private Limited is a global product based software development company in Ranchi with track record of 6 years and extensive workforce of efficient employees working on the various porducts of the company. This is the only product based software development company currently functional in Ranchi and in Jharkhand where 50+ employees and 20+ Interns are working.

If you will go to their web page career section, every 6 months they use to hire new software developers in the company and also give opportunities of paid INTERNSHIP to the Computer science graduates or equivalent degrees like BCA, BSCIT, Diploma in Computer Science candidates.

  1. HolidayLandmark:- This company is situtated at Ranchi where 70+ employees are working and built this platform where you can discover the most amazing travel and events expereince around the world with the help of This application is making it easy to connect and plan holidays in group or solo trip with all the needed assistance with incredible deals.

This place has a great work environment provides exceptional career opportunities for Software developers. Team size of 100 people and growing day by day and always look for various talents to hire them in the workforce to reach the goal “India’s best trip planning platform”

  1. Professnow:- Professnow team is working to resolve a big problem of the society. After pandemic there are two common questions arisen “How to regrow your Business after Covid-19 Pandemic hit?” and “How to go online and reach customers and clients after the Covid-19 pandemic hit?”.

Professnow team is working on a mission where they are trying to solve Professionals problems and the same time customers problems. If you will read their statement – you would totally get that “We are here to build the world’s best on-demand service experience and professionals community to empower all levels of service providers and professionals of our society to reach their potential customers without technology being a barrier for them where users can easily connect and book their service needs.”

As they are working on this huge mission, they also need a team of skillful IT engineers. They are also one of the best Software development companies in Ranchi always searching for the best talent in the local area to hire.

  1. DevOpsSchool:- DevOpsSchool is an ED-Tech next generation solution built to resolve IT Companies and Software professional’s skills up-gradation and digital transformation problems.

This company has developed a one-stop solution platform dedicated for Software professionals. Being a software company or software professional – if you need any skill up-gradation workshops or programs whether its online or offline for the group of employees or as an individual, you may use this platform to find the best trainers and top consulting firms at the best rates.

Managing such a huge application is not an easy task. Being a software developer if you are trying to find a job in Ranchi, you can apply here – If you get selected, you are going to learn a lot of things in a short span of time.

  1. Wizbrand:- Wizbrand is a Digital Marketing Company having a slogan of shaping Digital Era, developed and offer a powerful platform for all Digital marketing needs. Individuals and Organizations can preapare their digital marketing startegies and manage all their digital marketing projects, assets, tasks, resources and track their progress and stay organized with centralized workspace “”.

This software company is functional for several years in Ranchi and having tremendous growth and they always use to publish their JOB requirements every quarter through various channels.

  1. Brightcode:- Brightcode functional since 2019 in Ranchi and relentlessly helping startups and enterprises to improve their business presence and workflow process with innovative software solutions.
  • Ratings:- 4.3/5
  1. Ubiqueit:- Ubique is one of software company in Ranchi running last 5 yrs provides IT Services, software design and development as well as professional services and hardware deployment and maintenance to the flenties of vertics.
  • Ratings:- 4.2/5
  1. JIS:- Jharkhand IT Services(JIS) – operating in Ranchi since 2015. It provides Design and Development Solutions and as well as Domain and Hosting Services. They have very good track record and expertise in Android/iPhone mobile app Development.
  • Ratings:- 4.4/5
  1. Tripledots:- Tripledots running since 2020 a reputable software company in Ranchi having a good client base from diverse industries, including Healthcare, Tourism, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Online Media Houses, Banks, and more.
  • Ratings:- 4.3/5
  1. Matrop:- Serving as IT company in Ranchi since 2012 MATROP has successfully designed, developed and implemented websites/Software’s/ERPs/Applications for many Government and private oranizations by providing custom packages focused on their busines need and goals.
  • Ratings:- 4.6/5

Did I just finish the list? Well, then let me tell you that many of the Ranchi readers might be feeling that other software development companies must be present in this list. So if this is the case or if I have missed any reputed IT company of Ranchi in the list then please don’t forget to write a comment with the complete address of the company.

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Top 10 Attributes of SREs (Site Reliability Engineer)

These days most of the organizations can not operate without IT.

The systems and processes they support are so critical, their infrastructure has to be reliable. Therefore, we need SRE engineers to set up a process and develop highly reliable and scalable systems. Their main objective is to make the process and system – accountable for the availability, performance, effectiveness, emergency response, and monitoring of the application.

At a higher level, we can say, the SRE eningeers serves as a bridge between development teams and operations teams of the organizations, empowering the dev team to bring new releases to the production frequently and as quickly as possible, while also ensuring an agreed-upon acceptable level of IT operations performance and error risk in line with the service level agreements (SLAs) the organization has in place with its clients or end users.

So what attributes makes you a great SRE engineer? Here we have mentioned top 10 attributes which SRE engineers use to have:-

1. They understand the fundamentals:- Great SREs use to have a good understanding of what lies below the abstractions. You can not identify and propose a solution to a deadlock if you do not understand the concurrency, or understand why a database is slowing down without understanding the data structures used and computer architecture.

2. Strong understanding of all-around engineers:- Great SREs are strong in technicals who happen to really enjoy reliability engineering and have the personality for the role.

3. Enjoy debugging:- Debugging is usually an undervalued and under-honed expertise that great SREs hold and enjoy using.

4. Good understanding of tools:- A great SRE takes pride in their toolset and knows how to use and build tools.

5. Good code readers:- Great SREs can promptly dive into and navigate an unfamiliar codebase.

6. Grasps complex machines:- SREs have to keep large systems in their head to develop good analytical skills and intuition about probable root causes of problems.

7. Bias towards many small projects:- SREs tend to prefer having many short-duration projects with occasional longer projects, more so than the average engineer.

8. More fascinated than annoyed by failures:- SREs watch things break every day, and its easier if they’re fascinated by watching things break rather than becoming overly jaded and cynical.

9. Bias towards excitement:- Great SREs tend to be a bit more adrenaline-fueled than the average engineer.

10. Team-oriented mindset:- A great SRE doesn’t have an us-vs-them mentality from the outset. (And a great dev team doesn’t, either).

Getting into site reliability engineering can be a great way to enhance your career possibilities. Good knowledge of SRE discipline, tools, best practices, and benefits can prepare you to take on more responsibilities in your organization, as well as it will make you prepare for the higher-tier positions.

DevOpsSchool offers SRE training, tailor-made SRE workshops and SRE consulting and solutions to successfully learn and implement SRE in your organization.

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AIOps – How to get started with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

What is AIOps?

If we will predict the future then what is the most exciting and perhaps the most disruptive tech trends of the coming years? It’s “artificial intelligence (AI)”. It is going to enables people to rethink how can we integrate the information, analyze the data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making.

The same AI concept can enhance businesses IT operations immensely. AIOps is going to be a next generation of software intelligence where we can leverage the power of “artificial intelligence (AI)”. This concpet is introduced by analyst firm Gartner in the year 2017. The term AIOps is a amalgamation of artificial intelligence and IT operations. It refers to directly and indirectly automate and enhance IT operations – utilizing data analytics, machine learning (ML) other advanced analytics technologies.

Why we need AIOps?

As digital services become the new norm, clients/consumers/users now have multiple options and are increasingly prepared to walk away if they will face and problems or issues with your product.

In the modern process of development, digital services often contain hundreds of millions of lines of code and billions of dependencies and with multicloud, open source environments, tangled web of interconnected cloud platforms, microservices, containers, serverless architecture, and orchestration platforms makes it more complicated to manage effectively in real time when it takes just a small issue in a single line of code to trigger a storm of alerts.

It is nearly impossible for the tradictional operations teams to manually find the root cause of a problem that affects multiple services and raises thousands of events per second. In response, AI and machine learning have emerged as a means to relieve some of the manual intervention required. In the journey towards digital transformation, AIOps can make life better of your engineers and in the same time it can benefit the organization by reducing their cloud costs, improve cloud security compliance, and reduce alerts fatigue is by bringing intelligent machine operations through AIOps.

What are the benefits of AIOps?

  • It breaks down data silos
  • AIOps eliminates IT operational noise
  • Reduced downtime – It delivers a seamless user experience
  • It overcomes monitoring and analytics challenges.
  • Improved collaboration.
  • Improved business ROI IT productivity
  • Digital transformation success
  • Improve performance monitoring and service delivery
  • Pattern Discovery
  • It automates the tasks
  • AIOps possess the ability to radically reduce IT operations costs.
  • Drasticaly improves the problem-solving and deployment

What is difference between DevOps and AIOps?

What is the future of AIOps?

  • According to Gartner, 30% of the large companies will be using artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) by 2023.
  • Enterprises who wants to not only survive but succeed in today’s digital economy must take into consideration the use of AI in IT operations.
  • Official Docker certfication recognized and acceptable worldwide.
  • AIOps market experienced a growth of 87% in recent 3 years – from 1.73 billion in 2017 to 13.51 billion USD in 2020. And recent researhces also predicts that AIOps the will experience further 21.05% growth between 2021 and 2026, reaching up to USD 40.91 billion in market size.


15 Reasons why you should have Kubernetes SKILS and Certification?

  1. Kubernetes is the fastest growing software engineering skill.
  2. Learning Kubernetes can help you land a great job, making it a high-in-demand skill for software engineers.
  3. If you have Kubernetes skills then you will almost certainly be in demand from employers, as a new survey from CyberArk has found that IT jobs with the container orchestration tool in the title have soared year on year.
  4. Employer demand for IT professionals with Kubernetes experience is growing faster than candidate interest, according to new data from job board Indeed.
  5. Kubernetes and containers have become virtually synonymous with cloud-native development, driving job market demand over the last four years.
  6. “Kubernetes does the things that the very best system administrator would do: automation, failover, centralized logging, monitoring. It takes what we’ve learned in the DevOps community and makes it the default, out of the box,” said Kelsey Hightower, staff developer advocate at Google Cloud.
  7. Indeed also noted that IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Verizon, and Cisco had the highest percentage of Kubernetes job listings on its job board.
  8. Between October 2015 and October 2019—a mere four-year timespan—the share of Kubernetes job searches increased by 2,125%. Kubernetes-related jobs per million also grew by 2,141% in that same time period, according to a blog post from Seen by Indeed.
  9. Kubernetes is the new Linux OS of the Cloud. Kubernetes is fast becoming the operating system for the Cloud, and brings a ubiquity which has the potential for massive benefits for technology organisations and developers.
  10. Kubernetes has the opportunity to be the servers of the serverless world. We’re already seeing with tools like Kubeless and Fission providing equivalents to functions-as-a-service but running within Kubernetes.
  11. Kubernetes, as a container orchestration system, is one of the best things to happen to DevOps to date.
  12. There is a massive ecosystem of tools developed around and for Kubernetes. Some of the top ones include Helm, which manages Kubernetes charts (pre-configured resources), and Kubectl, a command-line tool that controls the Kubernetes cluster manager.
  13. The open-source nature of the Kubernetes technology allows room for custom tools to be built by developers. This further helps in automating monotonous tasks and simplifying the process of DevOps.
  14. Cloud is undoubtedly the future of modern application development. Kubernetes is fully compatible with all the major cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc) and even has ready-to-use starters on many platforms for easy setup.
  15. Below are the most recent kubernetes salary reports.
    INDIA Average:- INR 969,990/-
    UK Average:- £49,888
    USA Average:- $145,000
    Autralia Average:- AU$110,011
    Canada Average:- C$89,434

Note:- These are just average – there are several factors which affect salary for like geography, skills, company, experience, it varies accordingly.

Day by day demand is growing for Kubernetes knowledge and skillsets, getting certified as a Kubernetes professional makes a lot of sense. However it’s not an easy task to prepare and claim the certification – you may ask for help from the DevOpsSchool team – they have programs available completely aligned with the certification agenda.

Social Media Marketing – TIPS – Interconnect Everything & Jumps on trends early

Interconnect your entire marketing efforts:- In this blog, we are going to write down “How to interconnect your social media with your other marketing channels”.

Social Media links in Newsletter:- For starters, starting today any newsletter you send out, needs to have at least two of your favorite social media networks included in them. (I would recommend Facebook and Twitter).

Social Media Links in Website:- Your website needs to have visible links to all your social media platforms. The header and footer are usually is a good place for those.

Coupon Redeem through Social platforms:- If you have a plan on creating any coupons, give them options to redeem them on your Facebook page.

Social Media links to your contents:- If you do any kind of Content marketing, include relevant social platforms links at the end of it. Also, put your Twitter handles in your business cards.

Mention Social Networks in outdoor events:- Put all major social handles into any outdoor promotions, events, and campaigns.

Try to create as many follow-up opportunities as possible, to reach your audience in the future. At the end of the day, that’s what Social Media is all about, creating authentic connections.

According to the science:

The mere-exposure effect, and the familiarity effect:- Its psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.

Studies on this have been done since the 1960s. And more recent 2001 proved that this is not even done at a conscious level. This means your brain doesn’t even think when liking something which it considers familiar.

Do you think your choice of a brand is random or on purpose?

Well, guess again. And this knowledge has been used by advertising agencies for ages, that’s why you see the same ADs over and over again. So remember this the next time you have any doubts about mentioning your social media accounts anywhere else within your marketing channels. Because it can make the difference if people picks your products from the line-up, or goes for your biggest competitor.

Jumps on trends early

As a business owner it’s your responsibility to innovate and bring something new for the customer before your competitiors – so always JUMPS on trends early.

Peter Drucker (Marketing Expert) once said “Business is nothing more than marketing and innovation”.

The reason why you should be an early adopter, it’s obvious – get more traction. Because there is less competition. It’s like having more channels on TV. The more of them available, the smaller the percentage of people that will look at a particular channel. Even if the content your produce is of impeccable quality, due to the sheer number of alternatives, few people will ever get to discover you. But if you are an early adopter, the chances of users stumbling onto your brand are much higher.

Thus’ the chance for your business to grow on that particular platform will be higher. Even, this effect is more powerful for non-mega brands like Coke or Ford or GM. And let’s say the network you join doesn’t grow and is all hype, the loss in time spent there for your business is always outweighed by the alternative of that particular network exploding in attention, and getting the spotlight on your brand as well.

Being an early adopter is more than a social media choice. It should be a life choice if your goals are to deliver groundbreaking work. In the past, the risks involved were higher. Think of all the lives lost and accidents when designing and creating the first airplanes, submarines or cars. It took lots of iterations to get things safe for the masses. And it will take you as well, a lot of effort to create and offer great products and services. But unlike the past, then the risk was literally life-threatening, your risk is the only time, and sometimes money, and even these two are not in huge amounts.

So the next time you hear about a new social media network on the rise, give it a look. See if it makes sense for your business, and jump on it early on, and become a power player on that platform.

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Customer review email template

Subject line: Your feedback is important to us


Dear/Hi <<Customer/Client name>>

It was our sincere pleasure to provide our service for you recently. We truly appreciate your business, support and more specifically your feedback.

We take feedback from our customers very seriously as it allows us to continuously improve upon our services.

As a local business, we rely enormously on positive word of mouth and would be grateful if you could take a minute or two of your time to write a quick Google and Facebook review for our business.

We would be grateful if you could share your experience by submitting a review using the link below:

Google:- <<>>

Facebook:- <<>>

Not sure about what to write?

Below are a few suggestions that may help you with your creative flow.

  • What service did we provide to you and what did you like best about it?
  • Which trainer looked after your training program? (feel free to mention their name, they will be very flattered)
  • Which service do you think makes us different from our competitors?
  • What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?
  • Is there any way we can improve some of our services/courses? if so which ones and how?

We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Thanks again for choosing <<Name of your business>>

Warmest Regards,

<<Email Signature>>


Short Text message or whatsapp message template for Review:-

We’d like your feedback!

We value your opinion, would you be willing to take a few minutes to leave us a review?

That will help others to learn about us.

Google reviews:- <<>>

Facebook reviews:- <<>>

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