Release Notes – Version 3.7.2

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AnthillPro Version 3.7.2 is a maintenance release for bugs in 3.7. The following issues in AnthillPro 3.7 are resolved in this release:

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* IssueDaoSql class leaks prepared statements when modifying multiple issues
* NUnit report publisher throws NullPointerException when suite has no results
* Tasks should set the requester of the workflow request as the task not as the user
* Cannot delete buildlife with a buildlife stamp
* Iterated jobs that lock the same agent and working directory for the workflow do not run in parallel
* Deadlock between the finalizer thread and a job thread
* ClearCase: base snapshot changelog does not work if no path is specified in load rules; base snapshot cleanup fails if no path is specified in load rules; base snapshot/dynamic does not work with multiplatform jobs and multi-component vobs; hpath and gpath are constructed incorrectly; driver writes config specs with invalid LF characters on unix
* Workflow definition graph renders with empty boxes
* TFS Repository triggered build will not merge
* TFTool cannot handle empty comments on changes
* Installation to SQL Server using the JDBC 4 driver fails
* Bugzilla report publisher step throws NullPointerException when no issue change set is found; Add Comments Step will add multiple identical comments to a bug for a single invocation of the step
* Deleting a Life-Cycle Model does not delete the security resource and permissions
* Run Another Workflow step config popup gets wider with each reload
* Distributed Servers link does not appear when Agent Relay license is loaded without Distributed Web license
* Failures in agent filter scripts are ignored in iterated jobs which are not the first job in a workflow.
* Event Service is creating a large amount of threads which consumes memory
* Velocity reports cannot be made public
* Deleting workflow instances that assigned a build life status could cause future status assignments to fail
* Agents that are outside a workflow environment appear in the fixed agent drop down list
* Iteration Properties screen rendering issues in IE6 AND IE7
* Unable to create preflight workflow; jobs do not get a step to resolve files added to them and it does not appear in the step list
* Secure properties not obscured before being saved
* Lock request priority exception causes lock manager to fail
* Source analytics plugins are unable to upload results to Anthill due to schema change
* Unrecognized property syntaxes produce an exception
* Enabling symlinks/directory publishing and file digesting at the same time produces an NPE; Symlink detection considers any path with symlink in it to correspond to a symlink
* File list for digest generation is not consistent with the file list use for artifact resolution
* Copying an originating workflow may leave the new build profile referencing the old project
* Task event notification fails
* Unable to set environment variables when impersonating on unix
* Resolving properties with null values should yield an empty string
* Locking library will lock resources that are simply available before resources that the acquirer has already locked
* JobStatus.anyAncestorIn() acts like allAncestorIn()
* Import fails if it contains a life-cycle model that needs to be created and assign status steps; fails on setting workflow environment
* Rally integration is only capable of finding defects and not user stories
* Agent path not set correctly on unix
* Unable to upload a signed plugin with a directory in its contents
* Run Another Workflow step should appear on library jobs; unable to save step when the workflow contains required properties that have dynamic values; dynamic properties are not handled correctly by Run Another Workflow and Run Dependency Workflows steps.
* Directory cleanup could traverse symlinks and delete files that should not be deleted
* Locking library can lock more resources than requested if the resources are already locked by the acquirer
* XML codestation configuration doesn’t work with ant tasks
* Remoting Script does not handle Cmd Line Arguments with spaces in Unix
* Setting Iteration count to less than MaxParrallel causes an exception in UI
* Request context screen randomly orders requests
* Updating any property in a workflow moves the position to the bottom
* Disabled ScheduleWorkflow Triggers continue to fire
* Project-Environment Properties override step-specific environment settings
* Admin Tree icon popup text does not display in IE
* Ahptool getSourceAnalytics produces error 500
* Opening Projects in Dashboard tree can expand for wrong content or wrong position
* Cannot update the main section of an Originating Workflow
* Unable to rename Plugin property
* Plugin Signature: does not handle files in subdirectories
* AHPTool unable to get an individual step property by name
* Null pointer exception upon copying non-originating workflow
* Unable to get environment properties in a remoting script
* Unable to copy a project as any user other than admin
* No error message displayed when a agent is offline using a fixed agent filter
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