What is the future of AWS Solution Architect Associate?

In this particular blog, we will take a look at the future of AWS Solution Architect Associate and also rising demand for AWS Solution Architect Associate Jobs. Cloud computing become a lot of and a lot of well-known, a lot of and a lot of businesses and organizations area unit getting down to move to the AWS platform. These days numerous businesses and organizations area unit moving their services and apps on AWS platform. AWS includes a hundred seventy five services starting from networking and storage to advanced AI and IoT tools. And that’s simply at the high level. Once you get into the AWS services, there’s a fair deeper level of selection.

To understand that AWS services and merchandise to use is simply as necessary an ability on the way to use them. That’s the role of the AWS Solutions creator.

What is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS solutions architect are the ones for set up security, storage, and networking. These skill of a solutions architect to pick the proper AWS services is incredibly valuable, and the best way to validate that skill is with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification.

Professionals out there who want to become an AWS Solutions Architect certification only need to pass SAA-C02 exam.

The exam is not easy and about of 130-minute, consist of multiple-choice exam, and it costs $150. The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification requires both deep AWS product knowledge as well as how all the services interact. That’s very much reflected in the exam objectives:

  • Design resilient architectures
  • Design high-performing architectures
  • Design secure applications and architectures
  • Design cost-optimized architectures

How difficult is the AWS Solutions Architect?

The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate is an entry-level certification by AWS.  This certification is designed to validate the expertise that learn as an architect, which isn’t an entry-level job. The task of a solutions architect is to find a balance between the competing forces of technology and business needs. When designing architectures, solutions architects need to balance security, performance, resilience, and cost as well as customer requirements.

Solutions architects need to know which instance to use and when. Now expand that knowledge base to the entire panoply of AWS services. It’s a lot. Now consider the type of question you may see on the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate exam.  AWS certification exams aren’t necessarily known for curveball exam questions, but pay careful attention to the details. That’s what makes this particular test more difficult than others.

Designing secure, resilient, high-performance, cost-effective architectures isn’t easy — and the exam reflects the balancing act. Don’t let this Associate-level certification fool you. It’s a tough exam, but it’s doable.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate Salary

Unsurprisingly, you don’t truly see the duty title “AWS Solutions Architect” on the duty boards too usually (unless you’re observing Amazon jobs). Instead, you’ll usually see job titles like cloud creator, systems creator, or cloud solutions creator. These generic creator positions are usually expert-level roles that need a minimum of a number of years of creator expertise — further as associate degree creator certification.  The level of experience is actually mirrored within the wage. The typical wage for a cloud creator in urban center is $118,736. Meanwhile, cloud creator positions in Cleveland, Ohio, solely pay $98,486 p.a. The national average for a cloud creator is around $105,000 p.a. It’s vital to notice that you just will earn the AWS Solutions creator – Associate certification and still be under-qualified for many cloud creator positions.

Bear in mind that Associate-level AWS certifications are still thought of entry-level. To completely notice your earning potential and land employment as a cloud creator, you’ll would like a minimum of 5 or six years of expertise additionally to the certification.

Is the AWS Solutions Architect Worth It?

If you’re working at a company that uses AWS, the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification is absolutely worth it. However, it depends on what you want to do with it.  For someone with a few years of AWS experience, then the Solutions Architect certification can help validate the skills you need to move into a higher-level engineer or entry-level architect role.  Again, the Solutions Architect certification alone won’t get you an architect job, but it’ll position you well enough to make the jump once you have the experience. To earn that title, you’ll need to spend a few years working with stakeholders to develop secure, scalable, resilient AWS architectures. Once you’re there, you can look back and see the cert was definitely worth it.

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What is AWS certified solution architect-associate?

Today we are moving on to a topic of AWS certified solution architect-associate. In this module we will cover all the topics related to AWS certified solution architect-associate course. Here we will discuss that what AWS certified solution architect is, what is the importance of this course, why you should take this course, career benefits of this course etc. now let’s start our topic…

What is AWS certified solution architect-associate?

AWS Certified Solutions architect – Associate may be a class of technical certifications offered by Amazon net Services (AWS) for beginners and professionals UN agency run enterprise design programs, likewise as solutions architects. It covers readying of AWS systems, AWS best practices, and lots of alternative topics.

AWS Certified Solutions architect – Associate is that the 1st level of certification, one step below AWS Certified Solutions architect – professional. The Associate in AWS Associate certification covers skills for operating with the Amazon Cloud, Alexa and alternative services, including:

  • Identity access management (IAM)
  • Amazon straightforward Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Elastic work out Cloud (EC2)
  • Auto scaling and cargo equalization
  • Server less websites
  • Amazon electronic database Service (RDS)
  • Dynamo DB
  • Amazon Virtual non-public Cloud (VPC)

What are AWS certifications and why are they important?

An AWS certification is AN industry-recognized certification. It helps learners build credibleness by corroboratory tier of Amazon internet Services cloud experience and it helps organizations determine complete professionals to guide cloud initiatives mistreatment AWS. Knowledgeable obtains AN AWS certification when passing one or a lot of exams that AWS offers. AWS Certifications square measure valid for 3 years. To keep up AN AWS Certified standing, AWS needs you to sporadically demonstrate your continuing experience through a method known as recertification.

Let’s take an instant to explore what certifications square measure and what they’re not.

  • Certifications square measure a signal of information – They prove that you just square measure expert enough to pass the communication.
  • Certifications aren’t a signal of expertise – there’s no substitute for really operating within the cloud. However, there square measure some ways to urge active AWS cloud coaching outside of the force and to jump-start your cloud career with bottom expertise.
  • Certifications square measure door-openers – they’ll get you into the interview, or the thought set for promotion.
  • Certifications aren’t golden tickets – they are doing not guarantee employment. They’ll tee you up for fulfilment, however you’ve got to earn it from there.
  • Certifications square measure rather valuable – the common salaries for AWS sure thing holder’s square measure overflow $100,000 per annum. AWS certifications square measure a number of the best wage cloud certifications out there.

About the course:-

AWS Certified Solutions creator is among the foremost valuable and sought-after cloud computing certifications within the world. We tend to design this cloud creator certification coaching for anyone seeking to be told the most important elements of Amazon net Services (AWS). By the tip of the course, you’ll be ready to pass the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions creator certification communication.

Certifications aren’t almost earning power – They additionally validate your data and facilitate make sure that groups possess a standard cloud “language” — typically known as “cloud fluency.”

Who Is This Course For?

We’ll begin with a broad summary of the AWS platform. No programming data is required, and no previous AWS expertise is needed. Though you’ve got ne’er logged in to the AWS platform before, you’ll build the foundations to pass the AWS Certified Solutions creator test when finishing our certification coaching.

What Skills Will You Learn?

Not solely can we tend to cowl the basics of AWS beaux arts principles and services, we’ll additionally dive into every of the individual elements: IAM, S3, Cloud Front, Storage entrance, Snowball, EC2, Cloud Watch, CLI, Lambda, Route 53, RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift, Elastic ache, Aurora, VPC, SQS, SNS, Elastic Transcoder, Kinesis, API entrance, and so on.

AWS is continually evolving their platform. We’ll unceasingly update this course with new content thus you’ll ne’er need to worry concerning missing out or failing the AWS certification check due to new content.

The ideal student for this course is prepared to quickly forced an entry cloud computing. You don’t have hours to pay on coaching. We tend to get you up to hurry in [*fr1] the time as alternative certification courses. The course can assist you indurate a foothold as a professional AWS solutions creator.

At the tip of this course, you’ll be ready to with confidence take the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions creator exam!

What are the benefits of AWS certified solution architect-associate?

Benefits of Doing AWS Solutions creator Associate Certification

  • Preparing for the long run.
  • Developing skilled experience.
  • Achieve associate Appreciation for Your Efforts.
  • Displaying Your Dedication Levels.
  • A Better check.
  • Expansion of skilled Network.
  • Become a subject matter skilled.
  • Employers additionally get advantages.


This course of AWS will clear up your mind set towards AWS certified solution architect-associate. In this course module of AWS certified solution architect associate, you will get every necessary need to become a certified AWS architect associate. By this step to AWS associate, you are moving towards a step to AWS certified solution architect professional. Hope this article enhances you towards the AWS certified solution architect associate.

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Is it worth it to learn AWS in 2021-22?

The practice of cloud computing gradually increase over the years as the COVID-19 pandemic caused massive disruption to businesses around the world. If you are a beginner to the world of cloud computing, and wonder to select a cloud platform to get started with learning cloud. At present there are so many Cloud platform and it is quite difficult to differentiate and choose the write one.

 Both AWS and Azure are solid performer in almost 99% of the use cases and one of the big name between cloud providers. In this blog will discuss about AWS and every aspect about its certification and is it worth it to learn AWS in 2021-22? Lets first discuss about AWS-

What is AWS?

AWS well known as Amazon Web Services is a secure cloud services platform, which allow users to compute power, database storage, content delivery and other work activities to help businesses scale and grow. AWS offer more services and features in compare to others cloud provider in every aspect from infrastructure technologies to emerging technologies.

It has the largest community with more than millions of active customers and thousands of partners all around the globe.

Advantages of AWS:

  • Compute Cloud allows you to increase or decrease storage according to the need of your organization
  • AWS enables you to select an operating system, programming language, database of your choice
  • Robust partner ecosystem
  • Broad & deep service offerings
  • High Transfer Stability
  • Offers more data centers for availability and low latency
  • Stronger support for Bl and analytics
  • Better DevOps support

Before we go into the question that is it worth it to learn AWS in 2021-22? It is important to be clear on what certification AWS offered.

The certifications are mainly divided into 4 paths based, Foundational, Architect, Operation and Developer. All these certification are described in more detail below.

Foundational Level

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Architect Level

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Operation Level

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Developer Level

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Specialty Certifications

There are also five specialty AWS certifications:

  • AWS Certified Data Analytics  Speciality
  • AWS Certified Database Speciality
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking Speciality
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality
  • AWS Certified Security Speciality

These above Certification by AWS is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become technical expertise in your selective path of certification.

Reasons Why AWS Certifications Are Worth It in 2021

There is no surprise that cloud computing experts with AWS certifications are gradually in high demand with time. So, if the questions is still in your mind that “Is it worth it to learn AWS in 2021-22?” the answer is a big YES!

Here are some more reasons why AWS certifications are worth in 2021-22:

  • Expertise In Cloud Computing Is A Must-Have For IT Professionals
  • AWS Skills Demand Is Outstripping Supply
  • AWS Is Widely Used In Cloud Adoption
  • There Is Increased Cloud Migration To AWS
  • Certification Validates Credibility And Expertise

Where to Start

Best institute alongside with many free Training resources are a great way to get the ball rolling in your cloud certification journey, they offering comprehensive AWS certification course by top experts of the programme. They trained and prepare you for the AWS certification exam. You will also learn the best practices to be followed while working on AWS projects in the industry.

This Certification is completely hands-on and designed in a way to help you become technical expertise. If you want this kind of effective training and so many free Training resources to start your Journey and boost your career in the field of cloud computing then I would like to suggest you some institute that can meet your expectations.

By DevOpsScool.com

By ScmGalaxy.com

I hope this particular information about AWS is helpful and informative.

Thank you !!

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