HTML: div tag

The HTML <div>…..</div> tag is used define a section of document. Using div tag, you can group large sections of HTML elements together and format them with CSS. The <div> element is very often used together with CSS, to layout a web page.

By default, browsers always place a line break before and after the <div> element. However, this can be changed with CSS.

Inside: Body tag

	<head> </head>
		<p>paragraph outside div tag</p>

		<div style="color: red">
  		         <h3>heading tag is inside div tag</h3>
  		          <p>paragraph tag is inside div tag</p>


Outside: Body tag

			div {
    				color: red;
		This is body. 
	<div> inside div tag which is calling form the out side of the body</div>

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