How can we understand Django?

Hello, my loving friends, today in this article. We are going to deliver a brief description of Django. In this course details, we are covering the prominent part of Django for beginners. If you are a python learner or a seeker then this is the exact place for any individual those have been looking for. In this topic, we have covered all the beneficiary subjects regarding this course. I will really say that this will give you the best experiences of your doing and what you are going to do.

What is Django?


Django is a free and open-source web framework. Now you will say it is ok we don’t know about the free part and its open-source part but what is a framework? Now. The framework is a combination of certain components and packages. Definitely, if you want to build some complex application. There are certain things that you need to make. For example, if you want to make a web application. You don’t want anything from scratch. It will be time-consuming. So, you will be using a framework here. Now, Django is not the only framework that’s only available.            

Why use the Django framework?

Django framework

One of them is and one of the famous ones is Django. Why do we have to learn Django there? Django as we know is a web application framework that means you can build web applications. But hold on, our websites are so important definitely. If you talk about any business, they need their own online presence. In fact, most of the virtual solutions which you use nowadays are web applications. For example, if you want to buy something online, we have amazon, flip kart, and eBay. If you want to book a cab, you have an uber. We have so many applications available which are based on the web. If you want to build them, you will be using Django there. But you talk about the websites, we know that you can build websites with the help of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. So, basically, we use HTML to design the page. You can think of HTML as makeup for you. Now that you have CSS, if you want to improve your design, if you want to have that uniformity in the design that’s you will use CSS. We have Html, CSS for design. To make your websites interactive, you can use JavaScript.

Static and dynamic website

Yes, you use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the front hand. What about the backhand part? What if you want to make a website like a dynamic website? For example, if you go to Facebook, everyone will get influent by the feeds, you will not see the same messages which everyone is seeing. Your Facebook is different from that. If you go to amazon, you can buy stuff online, you can pay, and you can transfer the amount online. All these things need certain operations and certain processing is done on the backhand side. That’s where we need a line base that will work on the backhand but which one? But we have certain options there, we have java using, if you have heard about servlet, you can do that, PHP, Asp, and Python. But hold on, how can you do that python?          

How Django can be used?

That’s where we have Django. So, you can use Django to build a web application in the backhand part in python. As I mentioned before, Django is not the only web framework is available but it’s quite famous there. Now, it comes to web applications one thing that is very famous in MVC. It doesn’t matter which language you learn maybe java, PHP, or asp. We have this thing common in MVC (Model view controller). Now. Basically, we do that you can separate the concerns. We have a model for data, view the Html format that you have seen on the screen and then we have a controller which will control these operations.          

What is MVT in Django?

But in general, when you say MVC, it will help you to build a good web application but in Django, we have something similar to MVC not exactly MVC normally call as MVT. So, MVT is a model view template so basically in MVT we are replacing the controller with a view and replacing the view with the template. But Django basically follows MVT so, if you have worked on MVC in a different language. Don’t worry, it’s almost the same but needs some changes. But why did you choose Django? When you have some other framework is available in python. The first Reason is Django is fast, which simply means if you want to build something, you shouldn’t be spending much time in the configuration so, Django will help you to build applications faster. The second one is the number of components available.

The thing apart from if you record a video, you need some components with you. You need a camera, lights, and mike, in the same way, if you want to build a web application. You need log in, database connectivity, all these things come bundled in Django. Does advantages and drawbacks as well, advantages you have everything with you and drawback, you have everything on you. The third one is security if you are building an application where you use it. Definitely, there will be sending the data and you want to secure them & the users. So, Django will provide you with that security. The fourth one is scalability, what if in future sites scales, you want to have multiple users, & more features and it will give you the options as well. That’s the reason, you should be learning Django. It is interesting so if you have done your python course. This is the very true place and accurate learning path for you.

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PHP OOP : Access Modifier (public, protected, private)

What is the access modifier?

Restrictions on properties and methods.

Types of access modifier

  1. public
  2. protected
  3. private

Public :

  • Access on base as well as derived class and outside of the class.
  • Everyone can see and access the data.
  • Not secure.
  • Override use.

Protected :

  • Base and Derived class.
  • No one gets access throughout the class.
  • Declare like protected property and method.
  • Not use override function.
  • Without permission no one can access any of these (properties & method).

Private :

  • Access itself.
  • Highly secured.
  • No one can access without permission.
  • Highly costly.
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PHP OOP : Constructor function

What is Constructor ?

Constructor is a special type of function of a class which is automatically executed when object of that class is created. Constructor is also called as magic function because in php constructor is start usually with two underscore characters. It saves lot of time on big project.

function __constructor(){
body part;

Example of Constructor :-

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Bootstrap : Default Text Sizes

Bootstrap’s font sizes are calculated off of the body font size by using rem values. If you change
the body font size all styles will be increased/decreased automatically. Rem stands for “root em”
because it calculates the size based on the size of the root of the document or body tag.

Tag / ClassDefault Font size
body16px; line-height: 1.5;
font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial,
p, li1rem / 16px
h12.5rem / 40px
h1 small80% / 32px
h22rem / 32px
h2 small80% / 25.6px
h31.75rem / 28px
h3 small80% / 22.4px
h41.5rem / 24px
h4 small80% / 24px
h51.25rem / 20px
h5 small80% / 16px
h61rem / 16px
h6 small80% / 12.8px
.display-16rem / 90px
.display-25.5rem / 82.5px
.display-34.5rem / 67.5px
.display-43.5rem / 52.5px
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How to become a TypeScript Developer?

Developing a large application requires the developer to have the functional knowledge of a wide range of languages including TypeScript. The Skills of TypeScript are necessary to become a Full-stack developer. This will allow you to advance your career and develop interesting web applications. TypeScript is among the top programming language demanded by major companies.

TypeScript Developer:

TypeScript developers are generally responsible for providing the best user experience with a company’s applications and platforms. In order to attract the TypeScript developer who best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and accurate TypeScript developer job description.

TypeScript Developer Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, develop and implement user interface strategy
  • Work with designers and developers to develop modern, intuitive user interfaces for our web properties
  • Work on design, look and feel of our web properties
  • Continuously improve the user experience
  • Research user preferences
  • Research new technologies and best practices
  • Work in a team environment with shared code; disciplined use of source code control and process documentation
  • Improve JS and CSS quality by conducting code analysis, and recommending changes in policies and procedures

TypeScript Developer requirements and qualifications:

  • Experience with AngularJS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, Backbone.
  • Good time-management skills.
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience with SASS/LESS, HTML, CSS, DOM, AJAX.

Scope of TypeScript Developers:

The Future of TypeScript is Bright. Today. NET Framework has become an enterprise name to build Windows, Web, and mobile applications and C# is the prime language to build.

Salary of TypeScript Developer:

The average salary of TypeScript Programming Language skills in India is ₹4L to ₹10L.

If you are planning to learn the TypeScript programming language, then I would be recommended you go with DevOpsSchool institute for better knowledge.

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How to Using CSS Selectors in jQuery?

So in this blog, we’re going to learn that how to Using CSS Selectors in jQuery.

So let’s go ahead and do that for first in index.html, with help of style.css & main.js.

In this image Using CSS Selectors in jQuery which code define in index.html, style.css & main.js.

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How to use Timing Animations Using Callback Functions in jQuery?

So in this blog, we’re going to create a little bit more at Timing Animations Using Callback Functions in jQuery.

In the previous blog, we also learn how can animate multiple C S S properties at once. So let’s go ahead and do that for the blue box first in index.html, with help of style.css & main.js.

Timing Animations Using Callback Functions in jQuery
Timing Animations Using Callback Functions in jQuery after animations effects
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How to use Delaying and Chaining Animations in jQuery?

So in this blog, we’re going to create a Delaying and Chaining Animations using the animate in jQuery.

In the previous blog, we also learn how can animate multiple C S S properties at once. So let’s go ahead and do that for the blue box first in index.html, with help of style.css & main.js.

Delaying and Chaining Animations in jQuery
Delaying and Chaining Animations in jQuery after animations effects
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Bootstrap Utilities : Spacing

Spacing helpers are useful for modifying the padding and margin of an element.

Where property is one of:

  1. msets margin
  2. p-sets padding

Sides is one of:-

  • t-sets margin-padding “top
  • b-sets margin-padding “bottom
  • l-sets margin-padding “left
  • r-sets margin-padding “right
  • x-sets padding left|right or margin left|right
  • y-sets padding top|bottom or margin top|bottom
  • blank-sets margin padding on all sides of the element

Size is one of:-

  • 0-sets m|p to 0
  • 1-sets m|p to .25rem
  • 2-sets m|p to .5rem
  • 3-sets m|p to 1rem
  • 4-sets m|p to 1.5rem
  • 5-sets m|p to 3rem
  • auto-sets margin to auto

Negative margin :-

  • n1-sets margin to -.25rem
  • n2-sets margin to -.5rem
  • n3-sets margin to -1rem
  • n4-sets margin to -1.5rem
  • n5-sets margin to -3rem
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How to use Creative Custom Animations in jQuery?

So in this blog, we’re going to create a little bit more at creative custom animation using the animate in jQuery.

In the previous blog, we also learn how can animate multiple C S S properties at once. So let’s go ahead and do that for the blue box first in index.html, with help of style.css & main.js.

So let’s go ahead and check this page in the browser.

Creative Custom Animations in jQuery after custom effect
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