How to replace Changes after the Gerrit review without changing the commit id?

How to replace Changes after the Gerrit review without changing the commit id?

One of the main benefits of code review is the ability to receive and incorporate feedback from other developers without changing the commit-id and review id. With Gerrit, you incorporate these changes by amending the commit. Gerrit uses the CHange-Id to ensure that each iteration of the commit are stored together as patchsets.

The process of modify same commit and commit message on gerrit after patchset creation is pretty straight forward.

Step 1 – Do the required modification in the code based on the review.

Step 2 – Add files using git add commands.

$ git add filename

Step 3 – Command to update/amend the most recent commit.

$ git commit --amend

When amending a commit with git commit –amend, leave the Change-Id line unmodified in the commit message. This will allow Gerrit to automatically update the change with the amended commit.

Step 4 – Gerrit updates the commit under review with your latest changes.

$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
$ git push origin HEAD:refs/for/[BRANCH_NAME]
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How to update or pull current branch before committing in Git?

Best practice says that before you commit in git, you need to either do git pull or git fetch/merge. However, there is a way to find out wheather your branches is not in sync with remote.

To check the remote repo status you are really simulating a “fetch”
$ git fetch -v –dry-run

To bring your remote refs up to date
$ git remote -v update

This command will print whether the branch you are tracking is ahead, behind or has diverged with remote. If it says nothing, the local and remote are the same.
$ git status -uno

To pull
$ git pull origin <<branchname>>
$ git fetch origin <<branchname>>
$ git merge remote/<<branchname>>
$ git commit

Compare the two branches:
$ git log HEAD..origin/master –oneline

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