Perforce backup commands | Perforce backup method


There are several commands and arguments that allow more complex operations. (A command line flag “-z” tells Perforce to use compre ssion.) The commands are as follows:

p4d -jc [-z] – Take a checkpoint, rotate the journal

p4 admin checkpoint [-z] – Client-side checkpoint/journal

p4d -jj [-z] – Rotate the journal

p4d -jr [-z]filename – Restore the journal file filename

p4d -jd [-z] filename – Checkpoint to filename without incrementing the checkpoint/journal counter

p4d -c command – Lock the database files, and run command

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How Perforce changelist number works? | Perforce Guide


How Perforce change list number works?

Perforce assigns numbers to changelists and also maintains a default changelist, which is numbered when you submit it. You can create multiple changelists to organize your work. For example, one changelist might contain files that are changed to implement a new feature, and another changelist might contain a bug fix. Changelists are renumbered so that submitted changelist numbers always ascend in chronological order.

Pending numbered changelists might be renumbered when they are submitted to ensure that submitted changelist numbers are always ascending in chronological order. For example, if changelist A is submitted before changelist B, then changelist B’s number will be higher when it is submitted.

Perforce change list numbers are serial. Once a CL number has been assigned via a submit, only the next number in series will be used.

One way this could happen is that you had pending work in CL 326042 and something in your default and the latest submitted CL is 326041.


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Quick Start Guide – Perforce Streams – Perforce Guide


My Perforce Streams log can be found in following location.

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Step by step guide on PerforceDFiles Tool | Perforce Tutorial


This tool can be used to add thousands of files and directory in perforce server on single click which is having different-different hierarchy

Java should install and class path should set.

Put the code under ClientSpec root folder in the same hierarchy which you want to add in perforce server.

Create a changelist first. Just go to command prompt and type “p4 change”. Perforce will automatically create a changelist and will give you the changelist number. It will also ask you to update a text file with the changelist description. Just give the appropriate description there. Note the changelist number.


The file file has one file called “”. So first update it with two values. The changelist number and the source path. The source path can be “D:/Perforce/Components/DatabaseServer”.
Use forward slash only “/”.

Step4: Once these files are updated, you can run the script file “makescript.bat” which will update the “checkinscripts.bat” with new checkin scripts.

Step5: Run “checkinscripts.bat” and refresh perforce console. See that new folder is created below components folder and the files are inside

Note: The file which will not be added into perforce server can be found in “missedfiles.log”



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Perforce Specifications | Perforce Features | Perforce Details


Perforce Specifications In addition to files, P4Win lets you manage specifications that define the following Perforce entities:


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Perforce Basic Concepts | Perforce Overview | What is Perforce ?


Perforce Basic

connects to a Perforce server to move files between Perforce depots and yourworkspace, as shown below. 

The precise definitions for these Perforce terms are as follows:depot: a file repository on the Perforce server. It contains all existing versions of all files ever submitted to the server. There can be multiple depots on a single server. Theexamples in this guide show a single depot.server: the program that executes the commands sent by client programs, maintains depot files, and tracks the state of workspaces.workspace: folders on the client computer where you work on revisions of files that are managed by Perforce.

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