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Criteria to decide suitable CLOC tools for your source code

Hi, Please find to answer follwing questions in order to find out sutable CLOC tools for your project. What are the features of CLOC? Language Support Platform Support Two Baseline Compare File compare of Addition, Deletion and updating Algorithm CLI support GUI Support Output (CSV, XML) Qualitative matrix Price / Open Source Rajesh Kumar 2470 days… Read More »

Tools for Counting Lines of Code in Source Code

USC CodeCount and USC COCOMO- $0 CodeCount automates the collection of source code sizing information. The CodeCount toolset utilizes one of two possible source lines of code (SLOC) definitions, physical or logical. COCOMO (COnstructive COst MOdel), is a tool which allows one to estimate the cost, effort, and schedule associated with a prospective software development project. Languages: Ada,… Read More »

Important Configuration Definitions

Source code— Files written in high-level languages such as C# that need to be compiled (for example, foo.cs). Source(s)— All the files involved in building a product (for example, C, CPP, VB, DOC, HTM, H, and CS). This term is used mostly as a catch-all phrase that is specific not only to source code files… Read More »