How to set up a new or existing package?

Manually Creating composer.json file

You have to create a composer.joson file and write JSON code yourself with the required properties.

  • composer config –global(-g) – Operate on the global config file located at $COMPOSER_HOME/comfig.json by default. Without this option, this command affects the local composer.json file.
  • composer config –list (-l) __ It shows all the current config variables.
  • composer config setting-key “setting-value” – It sets the config key to the value.
  • composer config –unset – It removes the configuration element named by setting-key.
  • composer config –editor (-e) – Opens the config file (composer.json) in an editor. Use the –global flag to edit the congif (config.json).


  • name
  • version
  • type
  • description
  • license
  • homepage
  • keywords
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