Bootstrap:-Component “Spinners”

Bootstrap “spinners” is used to display the loading state in your projects.

How can a spinner be:-

  • Colored Spinners by using <div class=”spinner-border text-primary”></div>.
  • Growing Spinners by using <div class=”spinner-grow text-danger”></div>.
  • Spinner Size by using <div class=”spinner-border spinner-border-sm”></div>.
  • Spinner Buttons by using inside button tag <span class=”spinner-border spinner-border-sm”></span>.
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How to Install/Add-Package in Laravel?

composer require VendorName/PackageName – This command installs a package and any packages that it depends on.

composer require VendorName/PackageNamecomposer require fzaninotto/faler
composer require VendorName/PackageName:tagcomposer require fzaninotto/faker:dev-master
composer require VendorName/PackageName:versioncomposer require fzaninotto/faker:1.9.0

–dev: Add packages to require-dev.

composer require VendorName/PackageName –dev This is the website, from where you will get Php packages. This is the package repository of Php. You have to open this site, whatever your requirement is, you can do that package.

If you want a viewer with PDF, then you search by typing PDF. Here the first one wants Dompdf / Dompdf, so I clicked on it. After clicking on it, it will show you what is the version tag. And it will also show how to install it. So to install it, you have to type the command composer require dompdf/dompdf.

Before running this command, you should check that the composor.json file which you have is empty. That is, our project is not dependent on anyone. But now we have the requirement of this project so we will run this command.

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What is Azure DevOps?

Hi guys today we’ll discuss about Azure DevOps. In this article, we will discuss about it’s fundaments assets and benefits. So, let’s see what Azure DevOps is!

What is Azure DevOps?

The Azure DevOps formerly as VSTS is all that you need to assemble your product from start to end. The Azure DevOps is a single stage that supports every software developer team on this planet and design projects using the agile process, manage code using Git, test the application, and deploy code using the CI/CD framework. We can pick up in a simple way (Dev+Ops= DevOps), which means a mixture of development and operation processes for software development.

What can Azure DevOps do?

  • Planning

As conversed above, the Azure board is an ALM tool. So Azure board helps us to uphold an agile process which means Azure DevOps helps us to plan, track development history for different developers and detects issues using a Kanban and scrum.

  • Develop

To bring about our workspace and code source multiple types of version control are already combined with Azure DevOps. Practically all features related DevOps already integral inside.

  • Integration/Build

We can use nonstop addition and nonstop deployment (CI/CD) with the help of the Azure pipeline. There are many types of job agents, and templates are already available inside.

  • Package

As we know we have already an inbuilt extension available, Azure Artefacts, so we don’t need to go anywhere for any type of packages.

  • Testing

As we know Testing is a vital part of the DevOps process. So Azure DevOps provides many types of inbuilt testing templates and running tools.

Difference between Online and On-premises:-

The Azure DevOps can be nearby in two different ways: on-premises (“Server”) and online (“Services”). The last arrangement is called Azure DevOps Services. The cloud service have its place to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It develops a similar code as the on-premises version of Azure DevOps, minor adjustments, and implements the latest highlights. The Azure DevOps needs no extra configuration. The user just needs to sign up from their Microsoft account to set up a domain, and create a project, and adding a new user.

Azure DevOps Keywords:-

  • Organization

The Azure DevOps group is basically by default an account name/ Domain name but we can change it as well. Usually, you will have one Azure DevOps account and deal with variety of domains inside, which means we can create many organizations with a single Microsoft account. We can arrange access control and security for a specific organization as well.

  • Projects

You can divided the Azure DevOps organization into many projects and arrange access control, pipeline, build process, board and code for a multiple project.

  • Azure Board

The Azure board is essentially used for planning and tracking for Work Items, Backlog, and Sprints. The Azure Board is also called an ALM (application life cycle management) tool just like other ALM tools JIRA, SpiraTeam, etc. In the Azure board, we can make workflows, issue types, epic, and many other components of ALM.

  • Azure Repos

The Azure Repos is a place where we can create, bring about and store forms of our code base. We can use it for code examination and other version control functionality. The Azure Repos essentially provides us two types of version control systems now GIT (Distributed version control) and TFVC (centralized version control).

  • Azure Test plans

The Azure test plans upkeep advance test management solutions for customer response, UAT, Automation testing, and manual testing

Benefits of azure DevOps?

  • Ensure faster deployment

The faster and more repeated delivery of updates and features will not only satisfy the customers but will also help your company take a firm stand in a modest market.

  • Stabilize work environment

 The tension complex in the release of new features and fixes or updates can collapse the stability of your workspace and decreases the overall productivity. For that you should develop your work environment with a stable and well-balanced method of operation with DevOps practice.

  • Significant improvement in product quality

The Collaboration between development and operation teams and frequent capturing of user feedback leads to a significant development in the quality of the product.

  • Automation in repetitive tasks leaves more room for innovation

The DevOps has greater advantages when associated to the traditional model such as it helps in observing and correcting problems faster and skilfully. As the faults are repeatedly tested through automation, the team gets more time in framing new ideas.

  • Promotes agility in your business

There is no secret that, making your business agile can help you to stay ahead in the market.  Now it is possible to get the scalability necessary to transform the business.


The Azure DevOps platform is generally used in the Software Development process. Beside these lines, this platform helps the association which is as of now using Azure and making the SLA simple. In this article, we had discussed about the Introduction and its assets to Azure DevOps.

Thank You!

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Bootstrap:-Component “Scrollspy”

The Bootstrap 4 scrollspy is a navigation mechanism that automatically highlights the nav links based on the scroll position to indicate the visitor where they are currently on the page.

How to create Scrollspy:-

  • use nav component or list group.
  • Scrollspy requires position: relative; inside style section.
  • Add data-spy=”scroll” to the element that should be used as the scrollable area(inside body tag).
  • Add data-target with value id|class (.navbar). this is important to make sure that the navbar is connected with the scrollable area.
  • inside <div id=”name” > matches link with the nav item <a href=”#name”>.
  • Add data-offset =”30″ specifies the number of pixels to offset from top when calculating the position of scroll.
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What is Zabbix?

Today, applications have evolved from standalone to the client-server model and ultimately to the cloud-based elastic application. Application performance will directly have an effect on a business, symptom the revenue as client struggle to finish the method. It’s continually been troublesome to examine what’s occurring within the system.

And doing thus has become a necessary half. Having a decent watching tool can facilitate us to grasp the system standing and verify after they area unit behaving unremarkably and after they area unit behaving abnormally.

Once one thing goes wrong, the tool alerts quickly and so we are able to act on that and fix it while not touching customers. Zabbix may be a well-known tool to try to that for you.

What is Zabbix?

Zabbix is an open source application, and additionally a network observance tool. It offers observance of thousands of metrics collected from physical machines or virtual machines.

Zabbix work on a web-based management interface that is centralized through a info. Also visualization of your data is available in the form of graphs, screens, maps and overviews with the help of Zabbix.

With Zabbix it’s very much possible to collect virtually types of data from the network. Along with storing the data, visualization features are available (overviews, maps, graphs, screens, etc.), as well as very flexible ways of analysing the data for the purpose of alerting.

Benefits of Zabbix

 The main advantages of Zabbix square measure its complimentary platform, reliable options like Zabbix agent, notification and redress module, and easy-to-use and sturdy user interface. Here square measure a lot of details:

  • Money Saver

Zabbix gives businesses and individuals the freedom to utilize an open-source platform with source code that can be accessed for free and without vendor lock-in. The software also enables a seamless and fast set-up and configuration.

  • Zabbix Agent

Zabbix Agent is one amongst the platform’s noteworthy modules. It options infrastructure management capabilities and provides dependable tools for network observance that enables users to strategize their capability enlargement.

  • Notification & redress Module

This practicality allows an across-the-board communication flow and supports proactive notifications further as automatic actions. With this module, users will receive notifications.  Users will like better to receive it either via email, SMS, Jabber, and Ez Texting.

  • Robust and Easy-to-use user interface

Zabbix, with its easy-to-use Graphic programme (GUI), are often simply navigated even while not abundant technical information. The platform supports vivid mental image with huge-scale configuration functionalities. Users will have access and see a visible summary of the complete IT setting in various ways that like a widget-based dashboard, graphs, slideshows further as drill-down reports.

Why Choose Zabbix?

  • Open source– It is an open source application and also with free features.
  • All time Monitoring– It offers features that you can easily monitor servers, applications and any network devices and performance information
  • Enterprise Ready – Zabbix has been designed to scale from tiny environments to giant environments
  • Potential Planning – With the data collected by Zabbix, you can easily investigate your infrastructure and set up the capability consequently.

Zabbix Architecture

Zabbix is distributed observation tool with a central web interface. The easy design of Zabbix will be composed of 3 servers.

  • Web Server
  • RDBMS Server
  • Zabbix server

This setup is sweet enough to handle large environment successfully. It’s better to use the dedicated server for everyone in all these parts.

Zabbix uses client-server design Architecture and uses an agent within the servers that ought to be monitored. This agent gathers all required info and standing from the system and sends to Zabbix server. Zabbix version three and on top of support encrypted communication between server and shoppers.

Its proxies are used to monitor remote servers. It will collect performance and handiness knowledge behalf of Zabbix server and put it aside in a very buffer domestically and so send it to Zabbix server. In this fashion proxy servers can take on itself some of the load and offload the Zabbix servers.

Let us look into a number of the terminologies of Zabbix.

  • Frontend – net interface given Zabbix
  • Zabbix Server – Central server to gather the info and method it.
  • Zabbix agent – A method deployed on consumer servers to observe domestically
  • Host – A networked device that ought to be monitored
  • Host cluster – A logical cluster of hosts. It’s used once distribution access rights.
  • Template – a group of entities (items, triggers, applications, low-level discovery rules, graphs, screens, net scenarios) able to be applied to 1 or many hosts
  • Item – a knowledge that you simply wish to receive from a number
  • Trigger – it’s a logical expression that defines a threshold
  • Event – prevalence of one thing that deserves attention
  • Action – Predefined means of reacting to an occurrence.


Zabbix is an open source application, and additionally a network observance tool. With Zabbix it’s very much possible to collect virtually types of data from the network.

I Hope you like this particular blog on Zabbix.

If you want know more about Zabbix or are you planning to learn Zabbix, then I would suggest you DevOpsSchool, one the top institute for Zabbix Certified Specialist (ZCS) Training. We provide you the best instructors who are highly qualified professionals, have more than 10 years of working and teaching experience.  

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How to set up a new or existing package?

Manually Creating composer.json file

You have to create a composer.joson file and write JSON code yourself with the required properties.

  • composer config –global(-g) – Operate on the global config file located at $COMPOSER_HOME/comfig.json by default. Without this option, this command affects the local composer.json file.
  • composer config –list (-l) __ It shows all the current config variables.
  • composer config setting-key “setting-value” – It sets the config key to the value.
  • composer config –unset – It removes the configuration element named by setting-key.
  • composer config –editor (-e) – Opens the config file (composer.json) in an editor. Use the –global flag to edit the congif (config.json).


  • name
  • version
  • type
  • description
  • license
  • homepage
  • keywords
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