What is an Android App Developer?

Hi guys, you must have seen many types of software developers and other web developers but today we will discuss about the Android App Developers, like what is an Android App Developer, its roles and responsibilities, its benefits and its skills.

An Android Developer is also a Software Developer who concentrates in making applications for the Android Square. The Android Square is the straight contestant to Android App store. This means that the most of an Android Developer’s work moves around for making the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets and PC. The Android Developers can also work internal for a large group, or they can be working by an App Development activity.

The role of Android Developer is an accomplished, the entry position. The Employers are regularly requires a bachelor’s degree in software development or an associated turf, but they are characteristically and they do not need work knowledge as an Android Developer. The next step on the vocation hierarchy would be a High-ranking Android Developer, which involves in taking on management and mentorship responsibilities. Conferring to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for Software Developers, in which comprises Android Developers, is predictable to grow a huge 17 percent through 2024.

Roles and responsibilities of an Android App Developer:-

There are a huge diversity of careful tasks that an Android Developer performs in instruction to develop Android requests. The following are the responsibilities we came across most in our examination of Android Developer job metaphors.

Design and Build Advanced Applications for the Android Platform:

This is the responsibilities where an Android Developer offers most of their time. This includes using C / C++, JavaScript and many other tools to carve program code. This work necessitates as a dangerous care to detail, as one mistake line of code can reduce the whole program impracticable.

Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams to Define, Design and Ship New Features:

An Android Developer the whole thing with Product Growth, Operator Data and some other sections to define and design new topographies users essentially want to do this. As this feature of the work needs the aptitude to be in a team.

Troubleshoot and Fix Bugs in New and Existing Applications:

An Android Developer’s responsibilities is not completed and once an application is ended, then they are also answerable for troubleshooting wiretaps that grows when the app is transported to users. The Android Developers must be talented to systematically test likely subjects and be able to rapidly develop a software cover to solve the difficult.

Continuously Discover, Evaluate and Implement New Development Tools:

The Android Developers will have to break the present on the newest drifts in mobile application uses. They will have to assess the new tools as they hit the souk and number out whore ether they redraft and implementing. This needs the skill to adjust to a change in the environment.

To Work with external Data Sources and the APIsAn Android developer applies a reasonable amount of time working with outside data sources and APIs. The Dangerous thought is important here in order to apply this data to their precise project.

Skills of an Android Developer:-

The part of Android Developer is extremely practical. They have to be capable in coding and programming languages because to write the apps we want to use. This needs complicated knowledge of C/C++ and JavaScript. The Android Developers also have to be rather fashionable when it comes to technology. In command to make one of the best apps, an Android App Developer must stay up-to-date of the latest mobile trends. In adding to these practical services, an Android App Developer should have a team spirit who can work with numerous subdivisions in the mission to make the best Android app conceivable. We maltreated several Android Developer occupation images in our mission to put composed the next list of core services you will need to develop an Android Developer.

Core skills:-

If you want to start your carrier to become an Android App Developer. Here are the essential skills you should start operating on.

  • The Skill in C / C++.
  • The Skill in JavaScript.
  • The Skill in MYSQL Databases.
  • The High courtesy to detail.
  • The Logical skills.
  • The Aptitude to succeed in a collaborative environment.
  • The Skill in Android Studio.
  • The Multifaceted problem solving skills.

Advanced skills:-

If you are observing to actually improvement a benefit in the career hub, then you should start working on these progressive skills many bosses prefer in their Android Developers to possess.

  • The Flexible and adaptable work style.
  • The Ability to take ownership of one’s work.
  • The Accountability / ability to take constructive criticism

Tools and trades:-

The Android App Developers use many different types of tools to comprehensive their responsibilities and duties. In order to become an Android App Developer, you will have to be capable in the following.

  • The Development Environment software, such as Adobe ActionScript.
  • The Object or Component oriented software, such as C# / C++.
  • The Program testing software, such as IBM Rational PurifyPlus.
  • The Database management software, such as Apache Flume.


In this context we have discussed all about an Android App Developer and also about its assets.  The Android App Developer is also a Software Developer who distillates in devious applications for the Android hub.

Thank You!

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How to Become an Android App Developer?

Android is an open-source operating system, based on the Linux kernel and used in mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Various applications like games, music player, camera, etc. are built for these smartphones for running on Android. Google Play Store features quite 3.3 million apps.

You must admit that learning Android app development isn’t easy as it look. For the non-programmer there are several steps in the process, and even experienced programmers have quite a bit to learn when adopting Android. If you’re interested in developing new and innovative applications for the world’s #1 mobile platform – here are my six steps to becoming an Android app developer.

Now the questions arise are, Why Android? How to start? Where to start? And many more Question like this. So in this particular blog we will discuss in all this topics and I will try best to answer them all. Let’s start-

Who is an Android App Developer?

An Android App Developer is a Software Developer expertise in designing applications for the Android for mobile platform. This is the only competitor to Apple’s app store. Their job revolves around creating the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets. It is a skilled, entry-level position.

According to the recent studies, demand for Software Developers, which includes Android Developers, is expected to rise a whopping 21 percent through 2024. As an Android developer, you need to be very clear with your job posting and your responsibilities. So, here are some key roles and responsibilities of an Android Developer, that define who can be a successful developer.

These roles and responsibilities define who can be a successful developer.

There are several of specific tasks that an Android app Developer execute to develop Android applications. There are some of the following duties of Android app Developer-

Design and Build Advanced Applications for the Android Platform

In this an Android Developer dedicates most of their time. This development includes of using C / C++, JavaScript and a few other tools to write program code. It requires extreme attention, because one mistyped line of code can spoil the whole program.

Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams to Define, Design and Ship New Features

An Android App Developer works with Product Development, User Experience and several other departments to define and design new features that users actually want.

Troubleshoot and Fix Bugs in New and as well as on Existing Applications

An Android App Developer’s job isn’t done after an application is completed. In fact they are also responsible for troubleshooting bugs that arise when the app is shipped to users in near future.

Continuously Discover, Evaluate and Implement New Development Tools

Android App Developers have to be up to date by latest trends in mobile application. They have to discover new tools as they hit the market. This requires the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Work With Outside Data Sources and APIs

An Android App developer spends so much amount of time working with outside data sources and APIs that provided.

How to become an Android App Developer?

Android App Developers can follow an easy pathway to become a successful Android App Developer as they already have an idea about how the applications work.  However, If you are someone, want to start your journey towards becoming an Android App Developer and really gain an advantage in the job market, then start working on these advanced skills many employers prefer in their Android App Developers career-

  • Should have strong knowledge of Android SDK and different versions of Android.
  • Proficient in programming languages like Java/Kotlin.
  • Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices.
  • Decent knowledge with SQL.
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git.
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs that connects Android applications to back-end services.
  • Experience working with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning.
  • Possess the ability to design applications around UI such as touch.
  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
  • Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications.
  • Understanding of Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines.
  • Familiarity with continuous integration.

At last, mastering these skills will definitely help you grow as a successful Android App Developer. And also do note that Android is one such domain where jobs are never out of stock. So start now to be an amazing developer.

Job roles

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Embedded Software Engineer – Mobile
  • Lead Software Engineer- Mobile
  • Android Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Developer

Why you should choose Android App Developer as a Career?

There are so many reasons why you should go for Android Development. Some notable ones among them are listed below:


According to the recent studies, the national avg. salary for Software Developers, which includes Android Developers, is $109,300. Those in the bottom 10 percent make less than $57,300, while those in the top 10 percent make more than $183,700. The three states with the highest median salary for Android Developers are California at $128,700, Washington at $123,400 and Massachusetts at $113,600.

Android is an evolving platform

Applications that are created are gaining lot of popularity and are rated top on the Google play store. With the time, Google keeps changing certain functionalities and releasing the new versions. So, you get updates yourself on a regular basis to improvised features that are added to your application. This is also a challenging task to develop, something that can catch the eye of any user.

Easy to learn

The developers out there will definitely feel that the time invested in learning how to develop an Android application is comparatively less than what they invest in other technologies. Have the knowledge of Java and scripting languages like Perl, PHP, and the job is done.


By learning Android development in 2021, you open up for many career opportunities such as freelancing, becoming an indie developer, or working for high profile companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and more. The demand for native Android developers is still very high, and learning Android development has never been easier thanks to increases in online learning materials. Choosing Android App Developer as Career is a good option in 2021, If you want to learn or want to become an Android App Developer than I would like to suggest you DevOpsscool, One of the best option for this course, provide you best learning experience with in-hand practices, Experts are there to solve your query. Don’t wait for the right time to come, Start your learning today.

I Hope this blog is helpful for you and enough knowledge of Android App Developer.

Thank you!!

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Top Must have android apps in India

Indian Rail Info App
Indian Rail Info App is the most downloaded Android application for information about Indian Railways. It enables users to search information about train schedules, including arrival and departure time. Along with that, the app offers details like PNR status, seat availability, train numbers seat upgrade status, fares and status of running trains.

AVG Antivirus Free
AVG AntiVirus Free is the most popular free antivirus app on Android and will go through all the contents of your smartphone to ensure is protected from malware. The app will also keep an eye on the memory and battery consumption, along with mobile data usage. By activating the anti-theft feature of the device, you can even track your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen.

With the Justdial app, you will have all information about your local area on your fingertips. Using the device’s in-built GPS and Google Maps, this app easily finds the businesses, services and products in any area in India. Users can even add the addresses listed with Just Dial to their device’s Contact List, book events and send listings over SMS and email free of cost.

When it comes to free calls and messages, Viber is the top free app in Google Play marketplace. This app can help you reduce the amount you spend each month by enabling you to make calls and send SMSes via a reliable internet connection. Along with that, you can send photos and videos with your friends using this app. Think of it as the combination of WhatsApp and Skype and use it to call another Viber users, irrespective of which platform they use, be it Android, iOS, Windows or Symbian.

Finding a restaurant in major cities of India becomes easy with the Zomato Restaurant Finder app. This app covers food joints in cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. Users can check the ratings, reviews and pictures of the restaurants registered with Zomato through this app, which even recommends the best restaurants based on the location.

Mint.com Personal Finance
Your various banking institutions and credit card companies may each have their own Android apps, but Mint.com’s app ties them all together and aggregates your total income and debt so you can put an exact number on the soul-crushing feeling of constantly being in the hole.
The app also helps you set a budget for yourself, lets you track your spending, and presents you with money saving offers, so there’s a light at the end of that tunnel after all.

Angry Birds
Some pigs steal from you and then hide in a ramshackle fortress built out of wood and ice. You knock down said fortress by launching birds from a slingshot. These birds each have different powers. Except flight.

That’s the basic premise of Angry Birds. I think. I’ve played every level and I still can’t figure out why the birds and the pigs can’t just get along. Anyway, just get the game. It’s free and highly addictive.

Though it is not a replacement for an actual doctor, it is the next best thing to have. An easy medical reference that we can carry in our pockets. Though some features are not tailored for Indian conditions, it can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

If you happen to access your files on multiple PCs or devices, then Dropbox is possibly the best client for you. Probably the simplest to set up amongst all the rivals, and instant sync across devices- you wont need to worry about not having that one critical file ever again. And it works on a wide range of devices as well.

This app throws up information on just about everything in your city – food, nightlife, events, movies, shopping, beauty and fitness. The details for an establishment include the contact number, ability to send messages and even find on the map. Must have app to discover the city a little better.

Facebook Messenger
With integrated SMS texting, the Facebook messenger app for Android is worth downloading if you spend a lot of time communicating with friends from your mobile device.

The most popular video and voice calling software which is not available on all mobile devices. This uses your data connection (3G or Wifi) to make voice or data calls to other users who have also installed Skype. Make use of your front-facing camera.

Badoo – Meet New People
Badoo is a mobile social network with over 150 million users. So Badoo is a new great place on mobile for chatting and dating.

MeetMe – Meet New People
Whether you’re at the bar, on the beach, or hanging out at home, MeetMe is one of the best dating app for meeting and chatting with new people. Download the app and meet over 40 million of new people.

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