History Object and Location Object in javascript?

History Object

The History object is a read-only array of URL strings that shows where the user has been recently.

Syntax: –




  • length – It returns the number of URLs in the history list.


  • back ( ) – It loads the previous URL in the history list.
  • forward ( ) – It loads the next URL in the history list.
  • go ( ) – It access a particular item in the history list relative to the current position. Using a negative value moves to a history item previous to the current location, while a positive number moves forward in the history list.

Location Object

This is used to access the current location (URL) of the window. The Location object can be both read and replaced, so it is possible to update the location of a page through scripting. Location object is a property of Window.





  • hash – The part of the URL including and following the # symbol.
  • host – The hostname and port number.
  • hostname – hostname
  • href – entire URL
  • pathname – Path relative to the host.
  • port – Port Number
  • protocol – Protocol of URL
  • search – The part of the URL including and after the ?


  • assign(URL) – It changes the location of current page with the passed in URL.
  • reload( ) – Reload the current page.
  • replace (URL) – Replaces the current page with the given URL in history. As it is replaced in history, it won’t be possible to access the current page with back/forward.
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