Tutorial for $GLOBALS in Super Global Variables

What is $GLOBALS?

$GLOBALS is a super global variable that may be accessed from anywhere in the PHP script. All global variables are stored in the array $GLOBALS[], where index is the global variable name that may be retrieved.

All global variables are stored in an array named $GLOBALS[index] in PHP. The variable’s name is stored in the index.

Global Variables - Superglobals Several predefined variables in PHP are  "superglobals", which means that they are always accessible, regardless of  scope. - ppt download

The example below shows how to use the super global variable $GLOBALS:



Two global variables, $x and $y, are declared in the above code and are given a value. Then, in the GLOBAL array, a function multiplication() is written to multiply the values of $x and $y and store the result in another variable $z.

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