Kondor offers powerful risk analytics, trade processing, position management, real-time risk coverage and more.

As a best of breed trading system, it enables banks to trade high volumes in treasury while offering the flexibility to support more complex derivatives, options and structured trades.

Finastra Kondor is a suite of financial software applications developed by Finastra, a leading financial technology company. Kondor provides a comprehensive set of solutions for capital markets and treasury management, designed to help financial institutions streamline their operations, manage risk, and optimize their trading and investment activities.

The Kondor suite offers a range of modules and functionalities that cover various aspects of financial markets, including trading, risk management, collateral management, liquidity management, middle office operations, and more. It caters to different types of financial institutions such as banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and corporate treasuries.

With Kondor, financial institutions can automate and integrate their front-office, middle-office, and back-office functions, enabling efficient trading, portfolio management, and risk analysis. The platform supports multiple asset classes, including fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, money market instruments, and equities.

Finastra Kondor is known for its robustness, scalability, and flexibility, allowing financial institutions to adapt to evolving market conditions and regulatory requirements. It provides comprehensive analytics, real-time market data, and advanced risk models to support informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Overall, Finastra Kondor is a widely used software solution in the financial industry, helping organizations enhance their trading capabilities, manage risks effectively, and drive operational efficiency in the capital markets and treasury management domains.

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