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The Four Basic Requirements for an SCM

Identification, control, audit, and status accounting are the four basic requirements for a software configuration management system. These requirements must be satisfied regardless of the amount of automation within the SCM process. All four may be satisfied by an SCM tool, a tool set, or a combination of automated and manual procedures. Identification—Each software part… Read More »

Chef – Documenting Cookbooks automatically

Problems Area – Our infrastructure has many cookbooks that aim to be reusable, primarily through encapsulating behaviour in LWRPs. This led to an explosion of LWRPs and sometimes the documentation didn’t keep up or did just not exist. Solution 1: Follow Best Practices  This command will create a README.rdoc by default, and I prefer Markdown,… Read More »

Importance of Automation Tools in SCM

Importance of Automation Tools in SCM by John Ferguson Smart Since the dawn of time, people have been using tools to make their life easier. Tools let you solve a problem at hand more quickly and more efficiently, so that you can spend your time doing more interesting things. The stone axe, for example, enabled… Read More »