How to create custom pagination without datatable in laravel microservice

Step 1:create button input in blade file

Step 2: declare variable like curtpage, pagelimit and total record

when you click the button then apply business logic inside jquery/javascript function

Step 3: when we get data after ajax success function then apply logic

Step 4: set routing in client side

Route::prefix(‘/touroperator’)->group(function () use ($namespace) {



Step 5: get token and client id in client side controller using function

Step 6: set env and config flie


Step 6:set Routing in server side

 Route::get(‘iternarydetail/{email}’, ‘Admin\AdminTPController@iternarydetail’);

Step 7: apply pagination query inside sever side controller function

finally output view looks like

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How to filter data using country,state and city dropdown in microservice

Step 1: create dropdown div block in blade file

Step 2: write jQuery key up and change function

Step 3:pass URL in ajax function for client side microservice

step 4: set routing

$tourcontroller = $namespace.’\TourDetailController’;

Step 5: write function in client side controller

Step 6: set env and app.php to connect between client and serverside for microservice


Step 7: Set routing server side

Route::get(‘gettripdetail/{email}’, ‘Admin\AdminTPController@tripdetail’);

Step 8: create function in server side controller

now run finally project

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Laravel Microservice Error: Call to undefined method GuzzleHttp\Exception\ConnectException::getResponse()

there are no of reason behind this error
(i) guzzle version in composer json
(ii) connection issue between client and server side microservices

client side url in env file:

server side url in env file:


in client side and server side url http is mention so to resolve this error we have to change the client side url and server side url in env file

change http to https in both client side and server side url

2nd solution:

check guzzle version in composer json

composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle:^6.0 in terminal or gitbash

if 6.0 not suitable then other version also you can try run

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