PHP OOP : Static Members

What is Static Members ?

  • Static properties and methods can be used without creating an instance of the class.
  • The static keyword is used to declare properties and methods of a class as static.
  • Object not create.
  • Stack keyword use before access modifier.
  • Inside class use self::(use static method).
  • inherit use parent class name ::(properties).

Example :

Example Constructor :-

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PHP OOP : Interfaces

What is Interfaces?

  • Interfaces help us to use multiple classes in a single class inherit.
  • Interfaces are declared with the interface keyword.
  • Derived class is called derived class.
  • object not be created in interface.
  • Property should not be defined in interface(class).
  • All interface methods must be public.
  • All methods in an interface are abstract.
  • To implement an interface, a class must use the implements keyword.

Example :-

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What is urban code Deploy?

Hi friends. Today in this article, we would discuss about the urban code deploy. Here we will discuss its working, features, importance and benefits. So without wasting any moment let’s straight away we will dive into our topic…

Urban Code Deploy is AN IBM product for automating the method of readying with continuous delivery in agile-based development. It orchestrates a posh production atmosphere and changes across servers, tiers, and parts. Its tracks area unit terribly clear what area unit the changes, WHO created the changes & wherever and build it visible.

  • Automated, consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications
  • Automated provisioning, updating, and de-provisioning of cloud environments
  • Orchestration of changes across servers, tiers and parts
  • Configuration and security variations across environments
  • Clear visibility: what’s deployed wherever and WHO modified what
  • Integrated with middleware, provisioning and repair virtualization

How urban code deploy works?

It uses a graphical flow sheet tool to make automatic processes that deploy, upgrade, roll back, and uninstall applications. By exploitation those automatic tasks, you progress your applications through every stage within the development pipeline, as well as development, testing, and production environments.

It is designed to facilitate fast feedback and continuous delivery in agile development whereas providing the audit trails versioning and approvals required in production.

What is the importance of urban code deploy?  

Modern applications area unit typically created from several elements. Maybe a three-tier application with info, app and content elements. Or a mobile application with the particular mobile application and back-end net services. Even connected collections of batch programs area unit seen as a logical application.

Urban Code Deploy tracks that elements structure associate degree application in order that they will be deployed and caterpillar-tracked along.

In Urban Code Deploy, processes area unit outlined in browser employing a straightforward, drag and drop method designer. Element processes area unit composed of automation steps delivered by integration plugins. The designer makes it straightforward to translate a cryptic manual method into a simple to know machine-driven flow.

Using the blueprint designer, you’ll model cloud environments and the way your applications area unit deployed to those environments during a straightforward graphical editor. You hook up with clouds, model the virtual pictures within the setting, and add your application elements to those pictures.

Then, you’ll provision environments and deploy the appliance elements mechanically and on demand.

What are the benefits of urban code deploy?

  • Achieve continuous delivery. Accelerate code delivery through machine-driven, repeatable processes across dev/test and production.
  • Manage complexness. Modify multichannel application readying to all or any environments with consistency and repeatability.
  • Scale dependably.
  • Automated deployments and rollbacks of applications.
  • Orchestration of application changes across servers.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Clear visibility that defines what and wherever physical object is deployed.
  • Integration with varied J2EE


Now it is an end of our article. So far we had discussed about Udeploy (urban code deploy), as earlier we had discussed all its features, benefits, working and its importance. I hope this article will enhance you with urban code deploy. Urban Code Deploy is AN IBM product for automating the method of readying with continuous delivery in agile-based development.

Thanks & regards.

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