PHP OOP: Traits

What is Traits?

  • Code is shortened by using Traits.
  • One code is used everywhere just by writing the trait function.

Example :


Multi traits use example:


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PHP OOP : Abstract Classes

Abstract Class :

  • when we create abstract class then we can not create object of that abstract class.
  • If we want to use abstract class then we only access with derived class .
  • Just abstract write before the class name.
  • when we create abstract class two condition occurs one is abstract method like :- abstract protected function name ( );
  • abstract means incomplete method we declare but not implement (code).
  • In derived class we have to implement of that abstract method.
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PHP OOP : Overriding properties and Methods

Overriding Properties :

  • Same properties on both classes (base and derived class).

Overriding Methods :

  • Same name of method on both classes base or derived class.
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