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Ways to Perforce server Disk Space Cleanup and Repos Size Management

DRAFT VERSION Cleaning up Old Checkpoints Playing with Symlink(Softlink) and Redirecting the ROOT folder to drive where we have enough place. Deleting db.have and recreate it manually Display disk space information on the server using “p4 diskspace” Display size information for files in the depot using “p4 sizes”

Perforce Replication – What is Perforce Replication ?

Perforce Replication Replication is the duplication of server data from one Perforce Server to another Perforce Server, ideally in real time. You can use replication to: A replica server can function as an up-to-date warm standby system, to be used if the master server fails. Such a replica server requires that both server metadata and… Read More »

Command Line to find a Change list properties in perforce server

Command Line to find a Change list properties and associated path of the file in perforce server view: Examples of the command you want: p4 describe 1231928 p4 describe -s 1231928 p4 files @=1231928 Where 1231928 is the change list number.

Step by step guide on PerforceDFiles Tool | Perforce Tutorial

PerforceDFiles Use: This tool can be used to add thousands of files and directory in perforce server on single click which is having different-different hierarchy Prerequisite: Java should install and class path should set. Step1: Put the code under ClientSpec root folder in the same hierarchy which you want to add in perforce server. Step2:… Read More »