How to Install Composer in Laravel?

Composer requires PHP 8.0+ to run

  • Download Composer exe from official website then install it
  • Use command line installation

-May need to set Path or use php composer.phar init

Go to the windows search menu and type cmd

Open Command Prompt then right click and go to Run as administrator

Then show you screen c:\Windows\system32>
and then type composer -V and press enter bottom.
If your composer is already installed then your computer screen will show the composer version. And if not already installed it will show – Composer is not recognized unknown internal and external commands, compatible programs, and batch files.

How to Update Composer

There is some new update in composer, so if you want to update it then you have to run command for it:

composer self-update

How to Roll Back Composer Update

If that update starts happening, then you can roll back that update and go back to the old versions. For which you have to run the command:

composer self-update –rollback

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