Customer review email template

Subject line: Your feedback is important to us


Dear/Hi <<Customer/Client name>>

It was our sincere pleasure to provide our service for you recently. We truly appreciate your business, support and more specifically your feedback.

We take feedback from our customers very seriously as it allows us to continuously improve upon our services.

As a local business, we rely enormously on positive word of mouth and would be grateful if you could take a minute or two of your time to write a quick Google and Facebook review for our business.

We would be grateful if you could share your experience by submitting a review using the link below:

Google:- <<>>

Facebook:- <<>>

Not sure about what to write?

Below are a few suggestions that may help you with your creative flow.

  • What service did we provide to you and what did you like best about it?
  • Which trainer looked after your training program? (feel free to mention their name, they will be very flattered)
  • Which service do you think makes us different from our competitors?
  • What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?
  • Is there any way we can improve some of our services/courses? if so which ones and how?

We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Thanks again for choosing <<Name of your business>>

Warmest Regards,

<<Email Signature>>


Short Text message or whatsapp message template for Review:-

We’d like your feedback!

We value your opinion, would you be willing to take a few minutes to leave us a review?

That will help others to learn about us.

Google reviews:- <<>>

Facebook reviews:- <<>>

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How to upload image in the database and send mail image

1st step:- Open command prompt in C:\xampp\htdocs.

2nd step:- Write the code given below in the opened command prompt to make laravel project.

   composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel ImageUpload "5.8.*"

3rd step:- After the project is created, open the folder in any code editor.

4th step:- Now open xampp. And make a database.

5th step:- Open the .env file of the project and change the name of the database same as defined in phpmyadmin.

6th step:- Write the code given below in command prompt to make controller.

php artisan make:controller ImageUpload

7th step:- Write the code given below in command prompt to make model.

  php artisan make:model ImageUpload –m

8th step:- write the name of the column of the databse in

database\migrations\2020_10_23_070450_create_ images _ upload _table.php

9th step:- Write the code given below in command prompt to migrate the table to the database.

                  php artisan migrate

10th step:-Then make view page in resource\views

Code of imageupload.blade.php

11th step:- Make one blade file resources/view/dynamic_email_template.blade.php

And paste the code given below:-

<p style=”margin-left:10%;”>First Name – <b>{{ $data[‘name’] }} </b></p>

<p style=”margin-left:10%;”>last Name – <b>{{ $data[’email’] }}  </b></p>

<p>It would be appriciative, if you gone through this feedback.</p>

12th step:- Go to web.php and make routes.

The code is given below:-



13th step:- Go to controller and call model class

Paste the code given below below

14th step:- Now make the mail. Write the code given below in command prompt:-

php artisan make:mail SendMail

15th step:- Paste the code given below in the file made by the above command:-

16th step:- Make an account in mailtrap. 17th step.

17th step:- copy host, port, Username and password.

18th step:-configure .env file with the details copied by the mailtrap id.

19th step:- Now run the command given below in the terminal.

php artisan c:cache

php artisan serve

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Crontab condition, if a file size is more than 5000K than send an email

scmuser created the topic: crontab condition, if a file size is more than 5000K than send an email

find /var/www/vhosts/domain/folder/ -name ‘*.flv’ -size +5000k | grep flv && /bin/mail -s “The file is available!” “” > /dev/null

If grep detects a line containing the string flv in the output of find it returns 0, otherwise 1. The mail command will only be executed on exit code 0 of grep.

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